Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Yoei Egg Boiler - Part 1 (Hard Boiled Eggs)

We first saw this at NTUC about 2 weeks ago. At first we thought it might be a bit of a waste to buy this just for boiling eggs so we didn't buy it.

When I did some research on the internet, I found that this Yoei Egg Boiler can be used as a steamer to steam other food items such as dim sum, buns, etc. So I thought it might be a good idea to get this.

This egg boiler does not have a timer. It is controlled by varying the amount of water put on the heating element. It looked a bit like the steam sterilizer we used for sterilizing baby milk bottles.

Actually, for hard boiled eggs, it was easy to cook using a pot but I just find it too much of a hassle to wash a pot after just boiling one egg. As for half boiled eggs, it's not easy to control the time especially when you are doing something else at the same time. So we decided to get it after some consideration.

This unit comes with a small stainless steel bowl, measuring cup, egg holder, instruction manual and a recipe booklet. According to the manual, we are supposed to pour 50 ml of water onto the heating plate to cook hard boiled eggs for eggs stored at 25°C. However, as all our eggs were stored in the fridge, we added 80 ml of water (the maximum amount) to the heating plate. It took about 12 mins to cook the 3 eggs that we put on the egg holder. The eggs turned out good, not too soft and not too dry. Suitable for making our egg sandwiches.

We will try to cook salted eggs and half boiled eggs next time.

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