Sunday 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Here's wishing everyone a very Joyous and Wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Display Case for Small figurines/Toys

I have this drawer organizer which did not really fit well into any of my drawers. So, as I was reorganizing Sera's toys, I used it as a display case to showcase some of her "My Little Pony" figurines and "Disney Princess Magiclip" dolls.

Thursday 9 June 2016

《女汉子真爱公式》“The Rise of a Tomboy 2016"

Ardon and I watched 《女汉子真爱公式》“The Rise of a Tomboy 2016" on Youtube recently. This, being a romantic comedy, was hilarious at times and we enjoyed watching this movie. 

He Xiuwu (starring Zhao Liying) , a Masters degree student, believed that everything can be explained by Mathematics. Her Masters thesis was about finding the right mathematical formula for true love. She hoped that everyone could find true love during the prime of their years via the most accurate mathematical method. She believed in helping the most compatible people find the best love possible. 

Her dissertation was not approved by her professor, Maria. Maria asked Xiuwu to change the topic of her dissertation because Maria did not think that true love could be proved with a formula. Xiuwu refused to do so. Xiuwu was confident that her formula worked because she had experimented it on her roommate, Lily. 

However, when she found that things did not work out well for Lily and her boyfriend, Xiuwu decided to do the experiment on herself.

She did some calculations and found that she would find true love on 23 September, in Beijing, China.

So, she went back to Beijing. She met Liu Siyi (a man whom she had mistaken to be Lily's ex-boyfriend) in the airport. She took his luggage by mistake and subsequently ended up staying in his house. 

Xiuwu's friend recommended Xiuwu to work in a company to develop her "True Love Formula" into a smartphone app. Coincidentally, the manager of the company was Ge Yang. He was the boyfriend of Sun Qiao Qiao (the girl whom Liu Siyi was infatuated with). 

Things took a turn later and Ge Yang later broke off with Sun Qiao Qiao and started wooing Xiuwu. 

In the meantime, Siyi realized that he had fallen for Xiuwu. Xiuwu also realized that she had fallen for Siyi and was in a dilemma because the face of her true love that appeared from her True Love formula app was Ge Yang.

She chose Ge Yang as she wanted to stick to her principle of being rational in love. They seemed compatible as they both believed in the True Love formula. However, she was not truly happy and always felt uncomfortable whenever he professed his love for her.

She realized that Ge Yang was not the one for her and her formula might be wrong too. She decided to follow her heart and looked for Siyi. It turned out that Siyi was the son of her professor and they finally got together.

So did she really miscalculate? 

While I think love could not be calculated, I do think that one should still be rational to consider some important factors before taking the plunge.

Tuesday 31 May 2016

Last Episode of "The Truth Seekers"

Last night was the last episode of "The Truth Seekers" .

There were quite a number of surprises that were slowly unraveled throughout the last few episodes.

As it turned out, neither Huang Deliang nor Bai Qingxiong was Huang Yuyang's biological father. Wang Kunxing was also not her father. So who was Yuyang's biological father? Drum roll...

It was Ye Rongtao (starring Guo Liang).

How did that happen in the first place?

Yuyang's maternal grandmother worked in a hotel owned by Rongtao's father. Rongtao fancied Xiulian in their younger days and he tried to date Xiulian but was rejected by her.

Huang Deliang, also an employee in the same hotel, promised to help him. He organized a party for all of them and got both Rongtao and Xiulian drunk. Rongtao ended up having a one night stand with Xiulian. Rongtao's father was subsequently blackmailed by Deliang constantly.

Anyway, Xiulian got pregnant and married Huang Deliang as she thought that the child was his. She only knew about the trap set up by Deliang and his friends when Yuyang was 12 years old. She tried to commit suicide but was saved by Wang Kunxing. From then on, Wang Kunxing helped her plan her revenge on Huang Deliang and his accomplice.

Wang Kunxing was resentful towards Xiulian and Qingxiong when Xiulian refused to accept his love after she met Qingxiong recently. He wanted to kill Xiulian and opened fire but Qingxiong shielded her from the bullet. The rest of the CCI members arrived to help Qingxiong and the police came in time to save them.

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Quote from Episode 13 of《真探》"The Truth Seekers"

Saturday 21 May 2016

Quote from Episode 13 of《真探》"The Truth Seekers"

《真探》"The Truth Seekers" is currently airing on MediaCorp channel 8, Mondays to Fridays, at 9 pm.

Cold Case Investigators (CCI) was a private investigation agency set up by Bai Qingxiong (starring Chen Hanwei) with the main aim of cracking unsolved cases. Huang Yuyang (starring Rebecca Lim) and Hong Junyan (starring Desmond Tan) were CCI's team members. 

In the first few episodes, Lan Haifeng (starring Yusuke Fukuchi) engaged the services of CCI to find out who murdered his ex-girlfriend. Subsequently, he joined CCI as an investor and team member. 

It was interesting to watch how CCI used new technology to solve those cases. Even Sera enjoyed watching this TV drama serial.

I liked these lines from episode 13 of 《真探》"The Truth Seekers"

放不下 想不开 看不透 忘不了
因为我早已放下 想开 看透 忘了”

which was translated as:

"We are troubled only because we are unable to put what happened behind us and move on, but not me. 
I have long put it behind me and move on."

You could go to toggle website to watch the catch up of this TV drama serial.

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Saturday 7 May 2016

《富贵平安》"Peace and Prosperity"

《富贵平安》"Peace and Prosperity"  is a 170 episode TV drama that is currently airing on MediaCorp Channel 8, Mondays to Fridays, at 7.30pm.

The story revolved around the people working in Prosperity Hall (富贵堂,a 50-year-old Chinese medical hall) and its immediate neighbourhood. Besides the big cast, there was always something to learn in each episode about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Some of the characters would mention that some foods would clash with other foods and, thus, would cause allergic reactions such as diarrhea, etc. They would also educate us, the audience, on the benefits of certain herbs. 

On top of that, the pace of the story was just right. The relationship between the characters and how they would develop was also interesting enough to keep watching.

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Sunday 17 April 2016

Our Leaflet and Flyer Box

I was looking for the right material to make a leaflet and flyer box for our flat. It so happened that Lynn bought a box of Lego and the size of the box was just right for this.

I cut the sides of the box and punched two holes behind as shown in the picture below.

I typed some words,  printed it landscape on a piece of A4 sized paper and pasted it on the front to the sides of the box.

Then, I used 2 fasteners bought from Daiso and tied the box to the gate of our flat. This type of fastener can be removed and re-fastened or re-adjusted.

This helped to reduce the mess created from pieces of leaflets and flyers that dropped to the floor. This also made it easier to open the main door as sometimes, those people placed the flyers/leaflets in weird positions that made it hard for us to open the door without first removing the leaflets. This was a problem when our hands were full of things.

Most of the flyer distributors were quite cooperative and put them inside this box. There were some who still placed the flyers and leaflets elsewhere, but those were in the minority. So now, we can take the leaflets out when our hands were free.

Monday 21 March 2016

Episode 9 of 《隐藏的歌手》“The Hidden Singer" - Leon Lai 黎明

Episode 9 of 《隐藏的歌手》"The Hidden Singer" was telecast on MediaCorp Channel U last night. This is a variety show where a real singer and 5 impersonators would sing behind 6 closed doors for the audience to guess where the real singer is. 

I don't usually watch this show. However, I watched episode 9 《隐藏的歌手》"The Hidden Singer" as Leon Lai (黎明) was the real singer in this episode. It was quite funny how this episode started with the TV host 黄子佼 coming up to the stage singing one of Leon Lai's songs, 《甜蜜蜜》。Most people of my generation or earlier would probably know that this song was originally sung by Teresa Teng (邓丽君)。《甜蜜蜜》was also the theme song of a Chinese movie of the same name. When I first heard Leon Lai's version of the song 《甜蜜蜜》, I thought it sounded a bit weird (probably too used to Teresa Teng's version). However, as I listened a few more times, I found that Leon's version was just as nice. It had a flavour of its own (别有一番风味).

In this episode, Leon Lai and his impersonators sang a few Cantonese songs. However, one of the Cantonese songs sung by Leon, which was one of my favourites, was not performed on last night's show. It was 《如果这是情》。It was one of the songs in the Hong Kong TV drama 《人在边缘》"The challenge of Life".

There is also a Chinese version of this song named 《今生相爱 来生再相聚》。However, I could not find it on Youtube.

Saturday 12 March 2016

“Our Humble Lodge” recipes - Salted Egg Chicken Wings - Toggle

This recipe looked easy to prepare and appetizing.

“Our Humble Lodge” recipes - Salted Egg Chicken Wings - Toggle: From the kitchens of 'Life - Fear Not'

Friday 5 February 2016

Monkey Soft Toys

We saw these while shopping at Nex's NTUC Xtra a few weeks ago.

8 Feb 2016 would be the start of the Year of the Monkey. It was no wonder that NTUC Xtra had started selling these. These soft toys had a suction cap attached to each of them so one could hang these on windows or glass panels. 

It had become a "tradition" for our kids to get the "soft toy of the year" ever since the year of the snake (2013).  So we bought 2 different designs for them.

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Monday 18 January 2016

Last 4 Episodes of 《志在四方II》"The Dream Makers II"

It turned out that Chen Guang was not the one who exposed Zihuai's evil plan. Zhong Yiming had engage the service of a private investigator (PI) and the PI had secretly filmed the conversation between Chen Guang and Zihuai.

Yiming then tried to persuade Zihuai to surrender to the police. Zihuai refused to do so. Yiming then instructed someone to send the video clip to all the newspaper publishing houses. With Zihuai's plot exposed in all the newspapers, the police came to her for further investigation. 

Jason made a short video clip with encouraging words from Tonglin's fellow colleagues to root for her so that she could return to her normal cheerful self. She was touched and decided to try and accept her new appearance. VBS's chairman, Zheng Shouyi, also gave her the opportunity to be a DJ.

Meanwhile Fei'er went missing. 

Zihuai was later touched by her father's love and was then truly repentant. She helped Yiming to look for Fei'er. Yiming's mum even went to the extent of offering a US$100k reward for anyone who came forward with a lead to Zhao Fei'er's whereabouts.

Zihuai managed to find Fei'er but was injured by Fei'er while trying to stop Fei'er from cutting herself (Fei'er). 

Fei'er went for treatment/therapy for her depression in the hospital with Zhong Yiming by her side, giving her moral support. Jason and Tonglin came to visit Fei'er . They sought her forgiveness for not believing in her and helping her when she had depression. Fei'er accepted their apologies and forgave them.

At the end of the show, Zheng Shouyi found his long lost family and got their forgiveness. Chen Guang and Guan Xie'en became good friends. Lin Tao and Zhou Weiyun became a couple. Chen Guang and Zihuai got together too.

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Wednesday 13 January 2016

《志在四方II》"The Dream Makers II"

《志在四方II》"The Dream Makers II" began airing on MediaCorp Channel 8 on 4 December 2015, from Monday to Friday, at 9 pm. 

In 《志在四方II》"The Dream Makers II" , there were many new characters including Guan Xie'en (portrayed by Huang Biren), Zhong Yiming (portrayed by Romeo Tan, Chen Guang (portrayed by Zhang Zhenhuan, Lin Tao (portrayed by Li Nanxing) Dong Zihuai (portrayed by Julie Tan) and Zheng Shouyi (portrayed by Damian Lau)

Zhao Fei'er (portrayed by Jeanette Aw) was caught by surprise that she actually had a younger sister who is none other than Dong Zihuai. Her father, Zhao De, was equally surprised. It turned out that Zihuai's mother was raped by Zhao De (after they had divorced) when she came back to look for Fei'er. Zihuai's stepfather ill-treated her since childhood and she also felt that her mum did not love her. She blamed this on Zhao De and came back to take revenge on Fei'er and Zhao De.

Zihuai is the main villain in this series. She plotted to cause misunderstandings between Fei'er, Tonglin (portrayed by Rui'en) and Jason (portrayed by Qi Yuwu). This eventually lead Fei'er to suffer from depression. 

Zhao Fei'er was portrayed as an even more pitiful character in part II of "The Dream Makers" as compared to part I of "The Dream Makers".

In episode 28, Zihuai pushed Fei'er (holding a big teddy bear) forward towards Tonglin, causing Tonglin to be stabbed by a knife that Zihuai had hidden inside the teddy bear. Tonglin was hurt and she accidentally knocked onto something. This triggered some mechanisms and caused her to be swung around in the air. Subsequently, she fell on the floor and her face came into contact with acid that came out from a broken bottle. It seemed that this caught Zihuai by surprise though. One of the staff saw Fei'er holding the knife and Fei'er was arrested by the police. 

Zhao De overheard what Zihuai said to Fei'er and finally believed Fei'er that Zihuai is out to harm her.

Tonglin was disfigured and lose the vision of her right eye.

In the next episode, it seemed that Chen Guang decided to help Fei'er to expose Zihuai's evil plans or deeds. We shall see how Zhong Yiming is going to help Fei'er too. When all these are exposed, the misunderstandings between Fei'er and Tonglin should be resolved.

The next thing to watch out would be how Tonglin would survive the ordeal. 

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