Saturday, 21 May 2016

Quote from Episode 13 of《真探》"The Truth Seekers"

《真探》"The Truth Seekers" is currently airing on MediaCorp channel 8, Mondays to Fridays, at 9 pm.

Cold Case Investigators (CCI) was a private investigation agency set up by Bai Qingxiong (starring Chen Hanwei) with the main aim of cracking unsolved cases. Huang Yuyang (starring Rebecca Lim) and Hong Junyan (starring Desmond Tan) were CCI's team members. 

In the first few episodes, Lan Haifeng (starring Yusuke Fukuchi) engaged the services of CCI to find out who murdered his ex-girlfriend. Subsequently, he joined CCI as an investor and team member. 

It was interesting to watch how CCI used new technology to solve those cases. Even Sera enjoyed watching this TV drama serial.

I liked these lines from episode 13 of 《真探》"The Truth Seekers"

放不下 想不开 看不透 忘不了
因为我早已放下 想开 看透 忘了”

which was translated as:

"We are troubled only because we are unable to put what happened behind us and move on, but not me. 
I have long put it behind me and move on."

You could go to toggle website to watch the catch up of this TV drama serial.

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