Tuesday, 18 September 2018

《祖先保佑II》("Blessings 2")

Recently,I got to know that 《祖先保佑II》("Blessings 2") would be airing on MediaCorp channel 8, starting on 1 Oct 2018, 9 pm.

I had enjoyed watching 《祖先保佑I》("Blessings 1") which was shown on MediaCorp channel 8 in 2014. 《祖先保佑I》("Blessings 1") is currently airing on MediaCorp channel 8, at 5.30 pm. According to the trailer of 《祖先保佑II》("Blessings 2"), it would be Lian Daxi (starring Chen Hanwei) travelling back in time to help his ancestor (starring Sean Chen) to get married and establish his career.

Hope this sequel will be as good as, if not, better than part 1.

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