Monday 18 January 2016

Last 4 Episodes of 《志在四方II》"The Dream Makers II"

It turned out that Chen Guang was not the one who exposed Zihuai's evil plan. Zhong Yiming had engage the service of a private investigator (PI) and the PI had secretly filmed the conversation between Chen Guang and Zihuai.

Yiming then tried to persuade Zihuai to surrender to the police. Zihuai refused to do so. Yiming then instructed someone to send the video clip to all the newspaper publishing houses. With Zihuai's plot exposed in all the newspapers, the police came to her for further investigation. 

Jason made a short video clip with encouraging words from Tonglin's fellow colleagues to root for her so that she could return to her normal cheerful self. She was touched and decided to try and accept her new appearance. VBS's chairman, Zheng Shouyi, also gave her the opportunity to be a DJ.

Meanwhile Fei'er went missing. 

Zihuai was later touched by her father's love and was then truly repentant. She helped Yiming to look for Fei'er. Yiming's mum even went to the extent of offering a US$100k reward for anyone who came forward with a lead to Zhao Fei'er's whereabouts.

Zihuai managed to find Fei'er but was injured by Fei'er while trying to stop Fei'er from cutting herself (Fei'er). 

Fei'er went for treatment/therapy for her depression in the hospital with Zhong Yiming by her side, giving her moral support. Jason and Tonglin came to visit Fei'er . They sought her forgiveness for not believing in her and helping her when she had depression. Fei'er accepted their apologies and forgave them.

At the end of the show, Zheng Shouyi found his long lost family and got their forgiveness. Chen Guang and Guan Xie'en became good friends. Lin Tao and Zhou Weiyun became a couple. Chen Guang and Zihuai got together too.

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Wednesday 13 January 2016

《志在四方II》"The Dream Makers II"

《志在四方II》"The Dream Makers II" began airing on MediaCorp Channel 8 on 4 December 2015, from Monday to Friday, at 9 pm. 

In 《志在四方II》"The Dream Makers II" , there were many new characters including Guan Xie'en (portrayed by Huang Biren), Zhong Yiming (portrayed by Romeo Tan, Chen Guang (portrayed by Zhang Zhenhuan, Lin Tao (portrayed by Li Nanxing) Dong Zihuai (portrayed by Julie Tan) and Zheng Shouyi (portrayed by Damian Lau)

Zhao Fei'er (portrayed by Jeanette Aw) was caught by surprise that she actually had a younger sister who is none other than Dong Zihuai. Her father, Zhao De, was equally surprised. It turned out that Zihuai's mother was raped by Zhao De (after they had divorced) when she came back to look for Fei'er. Zihuai's stepfather ill-treated her since childhood and she also felt that her mum did not love her. She blamed this on Zhao De and came back to take revenge on Fei'er and Zhao De.

Zihuai is the main villain in this series. She plotted to cause misunderstandings between Fei'er, Tonglin (portrayed by Rui'en) and Jason (portrayed by Qi Yuwu). This eventually lead Fei'er to suffer from depression. 

Zhao Fei'er was portrayed as an even more pitiful character in part II of "The Dream Makers" as compared to part I of "The Dream Makers".

In episode 28, Zihuai pushed Fei'er (holding a big teddy bear) forward towards Tonglin, causing Tonglin to be stabbed by a knife that Zihuai had hidden inside the teddy bear. Tonglin was hurt and she accidentally knocked onto something. This triggered some mechanisms and caused her to be swung around in the air. Subsequently, she fell on the floor and her face came into contact with acid that came out from a broken bottle. It seemed that this caught Zihuai by surprise though. One of the staff saw Fei'er holding the knife and Fei'er was arrested by the police. 

Zhao De overheard what Zihuai said to Fei'er and finally believed Fei'er that Zihuai is out to harm her.

Tonglin was disfigured and lose the vision of her right eye.

In the next episode, it seemed that Chen Guang decided to help Fei'er to expose Zihuai's evil plans or deeds. We shall see how Zhong Yiming is going to help Fei'er too. When all these are exposed, the misunderstandings between Fei'er and Tonglin should be resolved.

The next thing to watch out would be how Tonglin would survive the ordeal. 

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