Sunday 9 November 2014

Hyundai Clothes Dryer HYCD-8070

Giant was having a promotion on a Hyundai Clothes Dryer model HYCD-8070 about two weeks ago. It was sold at $69 instead of the usual $100+ (don't remember exact amount).

Ardon and I had been contemplating to buy this type of clothes dryer ever since we saw one a few years ago. However, we put off the idea as they usually cost more than $100. Here was a good deal to buy a clothes dryer at $69. Furthermore, with the rainy season coming soon, this would come in handy.

There is a knob at the bottom of the Hyundai Clothes Dryer where we can set the timer for the clothes dryer to work at intervals of 30 minutes. I usually set it to 120 minutes (2 hours).

When I turn the knob clockwise to the timer side, a small red light will light up beside the "on" label.

When the clothes dryer is in operation, it will be inflated with hot air as shown in the picture below.

When I first used it, I put about 12 pieces of clothing and set the timer to 120 minutes. Once the time was up, the children's dresses and Ardon's long sleeved shirts were already dry but the sleeves of the adult cotton T-shirts were still wet.

After trying a few times, it seemed that it was better to put about 7 to 8 pieces of clothing that usually dry fast on normal sunny days (drying indoors, not directly under the sun). All of them would be dry after 2 hours in the clothes dryer. Children's clothes, adult sized sleeveless T-shirts and handkerchiefs will be dried in 2 hours in the clothes dryer. 

This clothes dryer will not damage our clothes since it does not tumble dry. It cannot dry a lot of clothes at one time but it is still useful to speed up the drying process on rainy days. Otherwise, we would have to use a lot of space to hang all the wet laundry.

Just hope that it can last...

Note: I have never used a tumble dryer before but I heard that clothes will tend to shrink a bit each time they are dried in the tumble dryer.

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