Friday 10 May 2013

《关怀方式》 (“The Way I Care”)

I first heard this song 《关怀方式》 (The Way I Care) on TV in the telemovie 《七月俏佳人》 (“Cupid Love”) .  This telemovie was shown on TV in 1995.  The lead actress was 朱茵 (Athena Chu) and and lead actor was 陈汉玮 (Chen Hanwei). The storyline was a simple but touching love story.

Initially, I thought this song was sung by Athena Chu and Chen Hanwei.  Some time later, I found out that the female singer was 蔡礼莲 (Leelian Chua).  This was the song that brought her to fame.

关怀方式  The Way I Care

Verse 1:

Verse 2:


Each phrase ends with a word the the "an" or "ang" sound which really rhymes.  You can see there were some phrases that I put in purple, blue, green and red.  The words in each phrase are the same for the phrases in the same colour.  You will also notice that the last phrase in verse 1 is the same as the first phrase in verse 2, third phrase in verse 1 is the same as the second phrase in verse 2 and so on.  Such a unique way to write lyrics and still make sense when the phrases were sung in reverse order.

This is a simple song.  Simple in the sense that it did not have too many different lyrics yet the words were so meaningful and touching.  Of course the tune is very nice and catchy too.  I also love the fact that the guitar was used as the main musical instrument in this song.  Simply love the sound of guitar.

I think this song had become a classic.

This is what I understand from the song.  Hope the translation is correct.

Verse 1:
Loneliness is in the mind, planting seeds of sadness,
Don't let the stars come and pry, find a silent night.

Verse 2:
Find a silent night, don't let the stars come and pry,
Planting seeds of sadness, loneliness is in the mind.

The way I care is something that you are not aware.
I can only keep my feelings so that you are not aware.
Your usual friendliness is my lifelong regret.
No regrets will be shown even after getting hurt.

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