Thursday, 30 May 2013

《若不是因为你》(“If Not because of You”)

《若不是因为你》是周华健唱过的一首歌。这首歌应该从来都不是主打歌。 Ardon在我们交往的时候唱这首歌给我听。我就是那时候才第一次听到这首歌。旋律不错,歌词也很好。虽然歌词不是那种很直接的爱的告白, 却是那种可以感动对方的歌。

"If Not because of You" was sung by Wakin Chau.  This was not one of those title song that he had promoted.  In fact I had never heard this song before until Ardon sang this for me during our courtship days.  The music was nice and the lyrics were meaningful.    It was not the typical love confessions kind of lyrics but would be able to touch the heart of the one you love.


作词: 刘思铭

作曲: 刘志宏

编曲: 洪敬尧


忘了许久的欢喜 在你真情的眼中里 


那是怎么样的感情 开始离不开你

有一点有一点想见到你 想见到你

伤过痛过的心情 随你的轻声细语




第一次 第一次 找到安定找到安定

若不是因为你 我依然在风雨里

飘来荡去 我早已经放弃

怎么相信爱情 我怎么拥有你


This can be translated as:

I've forgotten what happiness was but in your loving eyes, 

I slowly remembered 
what that kind of feeling was,  I found that I cannot live without you.
I wanted to see you, see you.
Because of you, I've slowly forgotten the pain and hurt that I had experienced, the ups and downs in the past.
In your gentle eyes, for the first time, for the first time, I felt you are the One.
If not because of you,  I would still be searching around.
I would have already given up.
How would I possibly believe in love, how could I possibly have you.
My heart is destined for you.

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