Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Musical Box

We went to Thomson Plaza last weekend and as usual, Lynn would visit the shop "Secret Chamber".  Sera then came to me with a box and she said it was a treasure chest.  She wanted to buy it.  On second look, we realized that it was a musical box.  It was a surprise to find a musical box in a shop that sells Lego bricks and Lego related products.

All the musical boxes there were mainly pink in colour with differences in the number of drawers, the size and the pictures on the boxes.  Sera eventually chose the one with a handle (which was the first one she took out) so that she could carry it everywhere.

I thought it would be a good idea to get her this too so that she could put her earrings and other accessories in it.

Sera loved this so much that after buying it, she carried it herself and would not stop admiring the music and the ballerina dancing inside.  

After we arrived home, I told her she could put her accessories inside and she was quick to do so.

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