Saturday 25 May 2013

《我们》 (“We”)

这首《我们》是梁文福比较近期的作品。这首歌是梁文福为《当我们同在一起》这部电视剧写的词和曲并且得到红星大奖2010的最佳主题曲奖。主唱是陈伟联。陈伟联是一名视障歌手。他是第一届 《绝对SuperStar》 的总冠军得主。 《绝对SuperStar》 是由新传媒举办的歌唱选秀节目,第一届是2005年6月开始播出, 9月1日结束。他有一把很好的嗓子。

"We" was a more recent song written by Liang Wenfu. Liang Wenfu compose both music and lyrics for this song to be used as the theme song for MediaCorp TV drama "Together".  This song won the "Best Theme Song" award in the 2010 Star Awards.  This song was sung by Kelvin Tan who is a visually impaired Singaporean Singer. He was the overall Champion in season 1 "Project Superstar" singing competition.  ("Project Superstar" is a singing talent search competition organised by MediaCorp, the first season ran from Jun 2005 to Sep 2005). He has a very good singing voice.


一条街有多长 年少就多长
我时常都回到 昨天去徜徉
那外面有多大 用笑声去丈量
你背影有多长 思念就多长

我们总是这样 借彼此肩膀
我们总是错过 幸福那一站
我宁愿重回到那一年 牵着你去看明天
失去了全世界 还有你在我身边
你的梦 我的歌 蓝的天 叫永远

The lyrics roughly translate as:

Youth is as long as the street.
I always return to yesterday and wander.
Use laughter to measure how big the outside world is.
I miss you for so long.

We are always like that, lending each other our shoulders.
We always let happiness slipped away.
If I were to own the whole world but you cannot see it,
I would rather go back to that year, holding your hands to see tomorrow.
If I were to lose the whole world but with you at my side,
can we return to that year
where your dreams, my songs and the blue sky are eternity?

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