Wednesday, 15 May 2013

《求婚》 (Marriage Proposal)

In a previous post titled Romantic Things, I had mentioned that Zhao Yonghua's song being very down to earth.

When talking about Zhao Yonghua's song, I must really mention this song called 《求婚"》(Marriage Proposal). This song is very catchy. The rythm is light-hearted and the lyrics are very cute  Coupled with the MV, it's a perfect match. This is one of my favourite songs of all time.

在之前的 Romantic Things 里,我提到赵咏华的歌有一个特色,那就是歌词生活化。

既然谈到赵咏华的歌, 我不得不提“求婚”这首歌。这首歌朗朗上口。节奏轻快,歌词也很可爱。加上那音乐视频,简直是绝配。这是我到现在还非常喜欢的一首歌。


作詞 姚若龍 
作曲 李正帆

你说你有一只可爱的小狗 总是埋怨你不懂得照顾它
又说你有一间美丽的厨房 只可惜没有飘过饭菜香


你说你一有钱就花得光光 实在需要人替你管管帐
又说你朋友总会欺负你傻 得靠聪明的伴帮你别上当



This roughly translate as:

You said you have a cute little dog, you always complain you don't know how to take care of it.
You also said you have a beautiful kitchen, it's a pity that it's not been used for cooking。

I did not give you any reply
Looking at you sweating like the rain
I want to hear your 100 reasons for proposing
To see how much I mean to you.

You said you always spend all your money, you really need someone to manage your finances.

You also said your friends always bully you because you are muddle-headed
You need a smart companion so that you won't fall for their tricks.

I did not give you any reply
Pretending that your words were not enough to touch my heart
I must hear your 100 reasons for proposing 
Who asked you to let me wait for so long.

You said your chest is warm in winter and cool in summer, I will definitely sleep well on it.
You also said although you are forgetful, you will remember whatever your wife tells you to do.

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