Thursday, 9 June 2016

《女汉子真爱公式》“The Rise of a Tomboy 2016"

Ardon and I watched 《女汉子真爱公式》“The Rise of a Tomboy 2016" on Youtube recently. This, being a romantic comedy, was hilarious at times and we enjoyed watching this movie. 

He Xiuwu (starring Zhao Liying) , a Masters degree student, believed that everything can be explained by Mathematics. Her Masters thesis was about finding the right mathematical formula for true love. She hoped that everyone could find true love during the prime of their years via the most accurate mathematical method. She believed in helping the most compatible people find the best love possible. 

Her dissertation was not approved by her professor, Maria. Maria asked Xiuwu to change the topic of her dissertation because Maria did not think that true love could be proved with a formula. Xiuwu refused to do so. Xiuwu was confident that her formula worked because she had experimented it on her roommate, Lily. 

However, when she found that things did not work out well for Lily and her boyfriend, Xiuwu decided to do the experiment on herself.

She did some calculations and found that she would find true love on 23 September, in Beijing, China.

So, she went back to Beijing. She met Liu Siyi (a man whom she had mistaken to be Lily's ex-boyfriend) in the airport. She took his luggage by mistake and subsequently ended up staying in his house. 

Xiuwu's friend recommended Xiuwu to work in a company to develop her "True Love Formula" into a smartphone app. Coincidentally, the manager of the company was Ge Yang. He was the boyfriend of Sun Qiao Qiao (the girl whom Liu Siyi was infatuated with). 

Things took a turn later and Ge Yang later broke off with Sun Qiao Qiao and started wooing Xiuwu. 

In the meantime, Siyi realized that he had fallen for Xiuwu. Xiuwu also realized that she had fallen for Siyi and was in a dilemma because the face of her true love that appeared from her True Love formula app was Ge Yang.

She chose Ge Yang as she wanted to stick to her principle of being rational in love. They seemed compatible as they both believed in the True Love formula. However, she was not truly happy and always felt uncomfortable whenever he professed his love for her.

She realized that Ge Yang was not the one for her and her formula might be wrong too. She decided to follow her heart and looked for Siyi. It turned out that Siyi was the son of her professor and they finally got together.

So did she really miscalculate? 

While I think love could not be calculated, I do think that one should still be rational to consider some important factors before taking the plunge.