Sunday 10 August 2014

Episode 1 to 13 of 《祖先保佑》("Blessings")

《祖先保佑》("Blessings") is a MediaCorp drama that had started airing on Channel 8, on 23 July 2014, every Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

Lian Wending (played by Shaun Chen) was the only son of Lian Xuegeng (played by Li Wenhai), the boss of "Xiji". "Xiji" was a famous traditional Teochew pastry shop in Singapore in the 1940s. Lian Wending was in love with a songstress Lin Xiaomei (played by Jesseca Liu) but his father arranged for him to marry a rich merchant's daughter, Sun Xiulan (played by Sora Ma).

Xiaomei was upset over Wending's decision to marry Xiulan. At about the same time, Xiaomei's mother (her only kin on earth) passed away. Xiaomei lost hope and attempted suicide at a river. Wending, upon receiving her suicide note, ran to the river and tried to save her. The next moment, he was saved by someone at a swimming pool. He was delighted to see a woman whom he thought was Xiaomei. It turned out that the woman just happened to look like Xiaomei. 

He had a hard time trying to get back to "Xiji". He was fortunate to meet a kind hearted girl, Ouyang Xuan (played by Youyi) who brought him back to "Xiji" and offered him some doughnuts to fill his stomach. 

Upon arriving at "Xiji", Wending realised that it looked quite different and the bosses were Lian Daxi (played by Chen Hanwei) and Lian Shuangxi (played by Yao Wenlong). Business at "Xiji" wasn't good either. It took him some time to realise that he had actually travelled forward through time, from 1948 to present day (2014) Singapore. Lian Daxi and Lian Shuangxi were his (future) grandsons. Lian Shuangxi had a wife named Du Shini (played by Yvonne Lim) and a daughter. Lian Daxi and Lian Shuangxi thought Wending was their relative from China and took him in. Wending was a very competent pastry chef and proved to be of great help to "Xiji" .

Lian Mengyong (played by Chen Shucheng), father of Daxi and Shuangxi, recognized Wending as his father when he first saw him. Mengyong was senile so nobody believed Mengyong when Mengyong said Wending was his father.

Subsequently, Daxi tested the DNA of Wending and Lian Mengyong and showed that they were father and son respectively. As Wending looked so young, naturally people thought of him as the son. Who would have thought that he had travelled from the past to the present?

Wending also got to know the woman who looked like Xiaomei as She Meiren (played by Jesseca Liu), the boss of a chain of bakery shops called "Le Kalla" in Singapore and also the boss of a nail shop. She Meiren was also the godsister of Ouyang Xuan. 

Wenrou (played by Sora Ma), Du Shini's cousin from Malaysia came to Singapore later. Wending was shocked to find that Wenrou looked so much like Xiulan, his fiancee from the 1940s. Initially, Wenrou set her eyes on Daxi and treated him and his family very well hoping that Daxi would get her to be his girlfriend and, eventually, his wife. She appeared to be very virtuous. However, after some time, she realized that the girl whom Daxi loved was Ouyang Xuan. By then, she herself also had a change of heart. She was pretty much impressed with Wending. So she initiated a breakup with Daxi and tried to get on Wending's good books. 

Initially, Wending had a few misunderstandings about She Meiren and thought that she was a shrew. Eventually he got to know that she was actually a very kind soul beneath the strong and seemingly "heartless" exterior. He fell in love with her and they began going steady .

There were a few scenes which showed Wenrou eavesdropping on the conversation between Wending and Daxi, peeking at the contents of Daxi's laptop and checking on Meiren's background. That got me thinking. Was Wenrou as good as she seemed to be? Now, I am wondering how the story would go on. Could it be that Wenrou was actually not that virtuous? Maybe even devious? There were also a few occasions when Mengyong saw Meiren and called her "mum". Could it be that Wending travelled to the present so that he could make the right decision on his life partner in the 1940s (apart from the task of reviving the business of "Xiji")? I shall continue to watch to find out.

On a side note, there was this song "明月千里寄相思" sung by Xiaomei in the drama. I thought it sounded very much like it was sung by Jesseca Liu herself and I checked the credits shown at the end of one of the drama episodes. Indeed, it was sung by Jesseca Liu. Perhaps MediaCorp should consider giving her a role in a musical drama if they ever do film one.

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