Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cast of 《信约:动荡的年代》"The Journey : Tumultuous Times"

The names of the actors and actresses who will be cast in 《信约:动荡的年代》"The Journey: Tumultuous Times" were released yesterday on

Jeanette Aw will be acting as Hong Ming Hui and Andie Chen will be acting as Hong Dang Yong - the children of Hong Shi and Yazi. Romeo Tan will be acting as Zhang Yan, the son of Zhang Tianpeng and Mingzhu. Felicia Chin will be acting as Zhang Min, the adopted daughter of the Zhang Tianying and Huiniang. The actor to portray the son of Zhang Tianying and Huiniang has yet to be confirmed. Click here for details.

As what I have expected, the story of《信约:动荡的年代》"The Journey : Tumultuous Times" will revolve around the children of the three couples ( Hong Shitou and Yazi, Zhang Tianying and Huiniang, Zhang Tianpeng and Mingzhu).

Tumultuous Times will be set in Singapore during the 1940s to 1960s and slated for a year-end broadcast in November this year. 

Looking forward to it. 

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