Saturday, 27 July 2013

《今天的天气很好》("Today's Weather is Very Good")

《今天的天气很好》(Today's Weather is Very Good") has got to be one of my favourite songs sung by one of the "Four Heavenly Kings"- Leon Lai (黎明). I first heard this song on TV when Leon Lai appeared on one of the variety shows in Singapore. It immediately caught my attention. Apart from the guitar strumming sound (which I liked) and the catchy tune, the lyrics were also much of a reflection of my life at that point in time. I think many people would also be able to resonate with this especially those who lead a very hectic lifestyle.

I also loved the MV of this song. Leon Lai looked very cool especially the part where he jumped over the sofa and continued strumming an imaginary guitar. This is one of those songs that is good to listen and sing along too. I never seem to get tired of singing this song!


今天的天气很好 我的心情却有点糟
好像已经有很久 没回家被爹娘唠叨

就这样匆匆忙忙慌慌张张 跟着世界转
总以为自己好孤单 忘了你就在身旁
到现在才懂得爱你 会不会太晚

所有我爱过的人 现在都过得好不好
当初那么痛不欲生 如今好像都已不重要
今天的天气很好 只想把你紧紧拥抱
我决定要让你知道 除了你我什么都不要
过去的就过去 不再自寻烦恼
我发誓从今后 只对你一个人好

就这样匆匆忙忙慌慌张张 跟着世界转我只想要简简单单平平凡凡 寂寞又何妨
总以为自己好孤单 忘了你就在身旁
到现在才懂得爱你 会不会太晚

which can be translated as:

Today's weather is very good, but I am feeling lousy
Wanted to chat with someone
but do not know what to say.
It has been a long time since I last went home to be nagged by my parents. 
They are growing older each day but I am always busy.
Those names in my phonebook are being crossed out one by one.
I have fewer and fewer friends to confide in.

Every day is very hectic, racing against time.  

I just want to lead a simple and ordinary life, even if it means that I will be lonely.
I always thought I am alone, forgetting that you are just beside me.
Is it too late to love you now?

All those whom I had loved before, how are you now?

I was once overwhelmed by sorrow, but all that is not important now.
Today's weather is very good, I just want to hug you tightly.
I have decided to let you know that I do not want anyone else other than you.
The past is already past, I no longer want to bother
I promise you that from now on, I will only be good to you.

Every day is very hectic, racing against time.  

I just want to lead a simple and ordinary life, even if it means that I will be lonely.
I always thought I am alone, forgetting that you are just beside me.
Is it too late to love you now?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

《爱错了》 ("It's Mistake to Love You")

《爱错了》("It's a Mistake to Love You") is  sung by 张克凡 (Jonathan Chang). 张克凡 is one of those singers whom I liked for his good voice and singing. 张克凡 (Jonathan Chang)was the lead singer of the Taiwanese boyband “红孩儿” ("Red Hot Boys") in the 1990s. After joining another record company in 1995, he released his first solo album 《还记得我吗》("Do You Still Remember Me?"). 《爱错了》is a song from his third album《谁都不该让你心碎》("Nobody Should Ever Break Your Heart") which was also released in 1995. 

As the song name suggests, this song is about the heartache he felt upon realizing that the girl he loved did not love him. The music and lyrics were very well written.  I supposed for many people, there is a point in life whereby you faced unreciprocated love. That may be why this song was able to touch the hearts of many people.








怎么能让心不痛面对着你 依然故我


男人啊也会软弱 只是不说

which can be translated as:

Your tears flow down your face
You did not struggle nor rebut
Because I have guessed correctly what's on your mind and hit the nail on the head
Your unforgettable entanglements
By now it's very clear who loves whom more

I blame myself for being too optimistic
I thought that love can repair your wounded heart
But as I give you more and more
You seem to retreat, panic and at a loss
I realized that not all of your tears are for

But love that was given cannot be retrieved
What to do since I am already in love with you?
How to stop the heartache when looking at you and remain unchanged

At a loss whether to love or not to love

But how to weigh affairs of the heart
What to do since it was already a mistake?
Loving a person until forgetting myself

I have myself to blame for being trapped deeply
Men will also have times when they are weak, but they don't express it.

It is not easy to give up when you realize that a relationship is going nowhere. However, once you let go, you will find that you have many choices. Who knows? You may meet the right one very soon!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

《城里的月光”》("Moonlight in the City")

《城里的月光》 ("Moonlight in the City") was the theme song of the TV drama 《豆腐街》 (“Tofu Street”) which was telecast in Singapore in 1996. This song was sung by Mavis Hee (许美静). When I first heard Mavis Hee's singing, I thought she sounded a bit like Faye Wong. 《城里的月光》 is such a beautiful song that it still sounds so good to me after so many years. This song has a tinge of romance, a tinge of warmth, a tinge of loneliness and a tinge of sadness.



每个深夜某一个地方 总有着最深的思量
世间万千的变幻 爱把有情的人分两端
心若知道灵犀的方向 哪怕不能够朝夕相伴

城里的月光把梦照亮 请温暖他心房
看透了人间聚散 能不能多点快乐片段
城里的月光把梦照亮 请守候他身旁
若有一天能重逢 让幸福撒满整个夜晚
若有一天能重逢 让幸福撒满整个夜晚

which can be roughly translated as:

Somewhere in every heart, there is always a memory that lingers on.
Somewhere on every night, there is always something that is of deepest concern.
The world changes rapidly, love causes two persons in love to be apart.
If you know where your loved ones are,
you would not be afraid even if you are not together.

Moonlight in the city light up our dreams, please warm up his heart.
Having seen through everything in life, can we have more happy moments?
Moonlight in the city light up our dreams, please stay by his side.
If we can meet again one day, let the night be filled with bliss.
If we can meet again one day, let the night be filled with bliss.

Friday, 12 July 2013


The music and lyrices of  《浪花一朵朵》(waves) were the joint efforts of Richie Ren and Ah Niu. This song is very lively and I always feel very happy when I sing this song. Coupled with the MV that was filmed at a beach, it sets a very relaxing mood. The beach was very beautiful too.


我要你陪着我 看着那海龟水中游
慢慢的爬在沙滩上 数着浪花一朵朵
你不要害怕 你不会寂寞
我会一直陪在你的左右 让你乐悠悠

日子一天一天过 我们会慢慢长大
我知道有一天 你一定会爱上我
时光匆匆匆匆流走 也也也不回头
哎哟那那那个时候 我我我我也也

which can be translated as:

I want you to stay with me watching the turtles swim in the water 

Slowly crawling on the beach counting the waves
Do not be afraid you will not be lonely
I will always stay by your side so you will be happy 

Days pass and we will gradually grow up
I do not know whether you know what I'm singing
I know that one day you'll love me
Because I think I am really not bad

Time is running out, it won't turn back
A beautiful lady will become an old woman
Aiyo, by then I will also have
become an old man.
La la ... with us hand in hand
La la ... counting every waves

I like especially this part "我知道有一天 你一定会爱上我因为我觉得我真的很不错" ("I know that one day you'll love me because I think I am really not bad"). I think everyone should have that kind of confidence. 

The last part talks about becoming an old woman and old man, I think it is something very sweet and blissful to be able to hold the hands of your loved ones till old age.

《心太软》(“Too Soft Hearted”)

《心太软》(“Too Soft Hearted”)was very popular when it was released in 1996. I love it ever since the first time I heard it. The tune is very catchy. This is also the song that made the singer, 任贤齐 (Richie Ren) very famous in many parts of Asia. Both lyrics and music were composed by the 小虫.  I think what made the song so popular was because the lyrics were able to resonate with many people, apart from the catchy tune and Richie Ren's powerful voice.


你总是心太软 心太软

你总是心太软 心太软
相爱总是简单 相处太难
不是你的 就别再勉强

多余的牺牲 他不懂心疼
喔算了吧 就这样忘了吧
该放就放 再想也没有用
傻傻等待 他也不会回来

你总是心太软 心太软

你总是心太软 心太软
相爱总是简单 相处太难

Which can be translated as:

You are always too soft hearted, too soft hearted
Crying alone until dawn
You love that person with no regrets
I know you are not that strong

You are always too soft heart, too soft hearted
You shoulder all those problems yourself
It is always easy to love but difficult to get along
No point holding on if he's not meant to be yours

You are still awake late in the night.
Are you still thinking of him
Aren't you tired of this infatuation
Knowing that he will not come back

You just want to love a person
Unfortunately, he cannot give you full marks
He will not love you dearly because of your sacrifices
You don't just want to be a good person
Oh forget it, just forget it
When it's time to let go, just let go, there's no point thinking about it
He will not return even if you waited foolishly for him
You have to think of your own future

You are always too soft hearted, too soft hearted
Crying alone until dawn
You love that person with no regrets
I know you are not that strong

You are always too soft heart, too soft hearted
You shoulder all those problems yourself
It is always easy to love but difficult to get along
No point holding on if he's not meant to be yours

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Quotes from episode 12 of 《志在四方》 ("The Dream Makers")

These are some lines that I liked from episode 12 of 《志在四方》("The Dream Makers").

Below were some lines that Zhou Weiyun (played by Zoe Tay) said to Fang Tonglin (played by Rui'en):

垃圾, 放在对的地方, 就是资源。
资源, 放在错的地方, 就是垃圾。

是宝是草, 我还分得很清楚。

which were translated as:

Trash put in the right place becomes a resource.
A misplaced resource becomes trash.

An incompetent boss will mistakenly take resources for trash
I don't think I'm an incompetent supervisor.
I can tell wheat apart from the chaff.

Below are some lines that Yu Fan said to Fang Tonglin:

什么都怕, 完全被怕控制住。

which were translated as :

We are our own biggest enemy.
All of us know that for a fact.
So, why are we our own enemy?
That's because we have fears within us.
We fear we're not good enough;
Mind how others look at us;
Fear losing what we have;
Fear disappointing others;
Fear responsibility;
Fear the past and the future;
Fear sickness, old age and death.
We fear everything.
We're controlled by our own fears.
So we remain our own enemy.

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

《小薇》(Xiao Wei)

《小薇》(Xiao Wei)is a song sung by Huang Pinyuan 黄品源. Xiao Wei is the name of a girl that the singer liked in the song. This is such a lovely and catchy song. The MV is very funny too. I am glad that I managed to get the karaoke VCD for this song a few years ago. Below is the MV  that another YouTube user Vanara07 had uploaded.




小薇啊 你可知道我多爱你
摘下一颗 亲手送给你

which can be translated as:

There is a beautiful young girl
Her name is Xiao Wei
She has a pair of gentle eyes
Silently she stole my heart away

Xiao Wei ah do you know how much I love you
I want to bring you to the skies
To see the beautiful stars
I want to pluck a star and give it to you personally

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hoover Floormate Spinscrub H3060

At the time when Sera started to walk, I was concerned about her slipping on the wet floor whenever I mopped the floor. When I saw the Scooba floor washer from iRobot, I was very much tempted to buy it. However, I was not too sure if it could clean well and whether it was durable. So I did some research on the internet. I read some reviews which said that one had to change the spare parts of Scooba every year to keep it going. Hmm, I would not want to spend $1000+ on something that may not last for more than 1 year.

Then I came across a review which talked about the Hoover Floormate. That got me interested. It had almost the same functions as the Scooba except that it was not robotic. The Hoover Floormate can also be used to vacuum (dry vac), scrub (wash) and dry (wet pickup) non-carpeted surfaces such as vinyl, tiles, marble and sealed wood. It cost below US$200 (excluding delivery).  I had not seen anything like this for home use in any retail store in Singapore. What impressed me even more was the dual tank technology which I will explain later. 

I ordered from an online seller from the United States (US). Actually, that was a very big risk because I wasn't even sure if the Hoover Floormate could be used in Singapore. The Hoover Floormate was manufactured for the US market so it used an electrical voltage of 120 V and frequency of 60 Hz. In Singapore, we use 230 V electrical voltage and frequency of 50 Hz.

After I received the product, we went to buy a step down transformer from a shop at Sim Lim Square. This lowered the electrical voltage to 120 V. Voila! It worked perfectly. Apparently the difference in the frequency did not affect the performance of the Hoover Floormate.

Plug inserted into the transformer's socket
Hoover Floormate Spinscrub H3060
From the picture above, you can see that there is a mode selector dial at the side of this machine. You can choose between 3 modes - Dry Vac, Wash and Wet Pickup - just by turning the dial. The Hoover Floormate has 2 tanks. The upper tank holds detergent and water that is to be dispersed on the surface to be cleaned.  The lower tank collects the dirty water using the wet pickup mode (unlike a normal mop that tends to spread some dirty water on the floor). 

What I liked about this product was that we can vacuum, wash and dry the same area at the same time using the same machine and then move on to the next area. Compare this to using a mop where I have to vacuum the whole house first before mopping it (it is too troublesome to switch between 2 equipment to vacuum and mop the same area at the same time), the Hoover Floormate is more convenient. Of course, I also liked the fact that dirty water was separated from the clean water. 

My purchase of the Hoover floormate came with a small bottle of detergent to be used for floor washing. The instruction manual said we cannot use cleaning concentrates that contain solvent based ingredients. I have already finished using the Hoover floormate detergent a long time ago. Now I use the floor detergent from Magic Clean and it still worked perfectly. 

What I did not like about the Hoover Floormate was that it was a bit difficult to change directions when using the machine. It took me some time to get used to it. After 4 years, it is still in good working condition. 

I have noticed that this model was not available for sale anymore. Hoover has newer and improved models of the Hoover Floormate. If you are residing in Singapore and are considering to get one, you can get a step down transformer to work with your Hoover products. :)

Note: This step down transformer can work with any appliances that use 120V and frequency of 50hz to 60Hz. Check with the person selling the transformer before buying it.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

《我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切》(“My Friends, My classmates, My Most Beloved”)

Today is Singapore's Youth Day. So I thought I would share with you a song that I've liked in my younger days, 《我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切》 (“My Friends, My classmates, My Most Beloved”). The music was composed by Li Weisong and Li Sisong. The lyrics were written by Wu Qingkang (吴庆康) and was also sung by him. This is the link to the song:

歌词 (1990 版本):

渐渐走远了 我的年轻岁月
慢慢累积了 我的悲伤和喜悦


希望 失望 是那么的长年累月
心痛 心动 也是那么的长久缠绵
我得到不多 但不介意有过那么一点

我的朋友 我的同学 我最爱的一切
我真的爱你们 欢笑流泪的感觉

我在乎我们的一切 虽然不一定会永远

Which can be translated as: 
(1990 version)

Gradually gone are my younger years
Slowly accumulated my sadness and joy
When the world start to become cold
I was thinking about my friends, my classmates

The seasons no longer make any difference
You will always occupy my thoughts
My future is full of your past
because you are my most beloved friends, my most beloved classmates

My friends, my classmates, my most beloved
Hopes and disappointments will still be there after many years
Heartache and moments touched will also linger for a long time
I did not get much but did not mind having a little.

My friends, my classmates, my most beloved
I loved you not because of your pretty faces
I really loved you, the joys and tears that we shared
I cared about you, even though it may not be forever.

I have also found a newer version of the song on Youtube also sung by Wu Qingkang in 2010.  He changed some of the lyrics to reflects his new thoughts.  Things that you hold dearly in the past no longer matters that much, although it was still  important. Perhaps he should have changed the title to "我的朋友 我的同学 曾最爱的一切" (My Friends My Classmates My Past Beloved). I liked both version of the lyrics. Very meaningful.

歌词 (2010 版本):

已经走远了 我的年轻岁月
回首看不清 那年的风花和雪月
我是否还记得 我的朋友我的同学

春夏秋冬 最能将一切都搁浅
匆匆一转眼 朋友和同学 在记忆沉淀

我的朋友我的同学 曾最爱的一切
希望 失望 是淡淡地经过身边
心痛 心动 原来不一定长久缠绵
我得到不多 但不介意有过那么一点

我的朋友 我的同学 
我真爱过你们 纯真无忧的感觉

我微笑拥抱这一切 那是我最灿烂的瞬间

Which can be translated as:
(2010 version)

Already long gone are my younger years
Looking back, I can't recall all those romances
When the world start to become cold
Will I still remember my friends, my classmates?

The seasons are most capable of putting an end to everything
How much do you miss me?
My future is full of unfulfilled promises
Time flies, memories of friends and classmates subsided.

My Friends My Classmates My Past Beloved
Hopes and disappointments passes by lightly
Heartache and moments touched may not always linger for so long

I did not get much but did not mind having a little.
My Friends My Classmates My Past Beloved
It does not matter how our lives had changed
I had really loved you,  your innocence and your carefree spirit
I smiled and hugged all of this, that was my most splendid moments.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

《有你真的会快乐吗?》 ("Will I Really Be Happy If I Have You"?)

《有你真的会快乐吗》 was sung by Jeff Chang (張信哲).  Jeff Chang released his first album in 1989. Since then, I had heard about him and his songs. Then, one year, he came to our university to perform a mini concert. Since then, I fell in love with his songs and his singing. Wow, he was really superb! 

《有你真的会快乐吗》 is one of my favourite songs sung by Jeff Chang. Both Lyrics and music were composed by 小虫. The whole song was about the hesitation going on in the mind, whether he should go forward and confess his love. He was not sure if he would really be happy with the girl he liked as he had also heard a lot of negative things about love. He was afraid the relationship might not turn out well and ended up hurting both of them.

This is the link to the song on Youtube:










which can be translated as:

Regarding love, I am not too sure.
Even though I am not that young, I will not force it. 
The grief caused by love, I have heard too much 
I am also afraid the ending may hurt you and me

Some people say there is no loneliness in love
Some people say if you have love, you will also have pain
Some people say love is life
So what exactly is the feeling of love?

I've been waiting for your love for a long long time.
Even though I am not that young, I dare not accept it too easily.
I've thought about having you for a long long time. Should I just stop worrying and bravely move forward?

Some people say love is touching
Some people say love will also be painful
After I have decided to love you
Should I just stop worrying?

Will I really be happy if I have you? 
Heaven knows whether you have a place for me in your heart?
Will love really be happy? 
Heaven knows what will happen after I loved you.
Will I really be happy if I have you? 
Heaven knows whether you have a place for me in your heart?
Will I really be happy thinking of you? 
Heaven knows whether your are the dream that I think of every day?

Friday, 5 July 2013

《大海》("The Sea")

《大海》("The Sea") was a song that I've liked for many many years. The tune of this song is more on higher notes and very good to sing along (at least for me). I was glad I was able to find the Karaoke MV for this song a few years ago. 

The original singer was 张雨生 (Tom Chang). This song was very popular when it was released in 1992. He had a high vocal and could sing very well too. It was a pity that he also passed away due to a car accident. He died in 1997 at the age of 31.

This is the link to the Youtube video:

The lyrics were written by 陈大力, music was composed by 陈大力/陈秀男 




如果大海能够 唤回曾经的爱

如果深情往事 你已不再留恋
如果大海能够 带走我的哀愁
所有受过的伤 所有流过的泪
我的爱 请全部带走

Which can be translated as:

From the distant sea
You slowly disappeared
Originally a fuzzy face
became clearer
I wanted to tell you something
but did not know where to start
I could only place it in my heart

Dazedly walking on the beach
Watching the tides come and go
I tried fruitlessly
to remember clearly every spray
I wanted to say I love you
But was blown away by the wind
Suddenly I turn back and you were not there.

If the sea can recall past love
Let me wait a lifetime
If you no longer recall with nostalgia our affectionate memories
Just let it be gone with the wind
If the sea can take away my sorrow
Just like it did to every river
Please take away all the injuries suffered, all the tears and all my love

Thursday, 4 July 2013

《心肝宝贝》 ("Darling")

《心肝宝贝》 ("Darling") is such a lovely song and is the theme song of the chinese movie 《龙凤店》("Adventure of the King"). It is sung by 任贤齐 (Richie Ren) and 徐熙媛 (Barbie Hsu) who were also the lead actor and lead actress in the movie. The melody was soft and lyrics were very sweet.


天是那么大 人是那么多
你是那么真 你是那么好

不再一个人 心事有人听
和你数着星 海边迎着风
只要有你 我就安心

你是我的心肝宝贝 爱你爱到无路可退
这一辈子 都不后悔
陪你上山下海 陪你黑夜白天

你是我的心肝宝贝 爱你爱到掏心掏肺
我要为你干杯 我要为你喝醉

which translate as:

The world is so big.  There are so many people.
Yet I've met you.
You are so real.  You are so good.
I once thought I was dreaming.

We are no longer alone.  There is someone to confide in.
Spending the night together.
Counting the stars together.  Enjoying the sea breeze
As long as you are by my side, I will feel relieved.

You are my darling.  I loved you till there's no way to run.
I will never regret.
I will accompany you from the mountains to the seas.  I will keep you company day and night.
Be it joy or sorrow.

You are my darling.  I loved you till I bare my soul in front of you.
I hope you are also true to me.
I want to toast for you.  I want to get drunk for you.
Because you are my darling.