Thursday 25 July 2013

《爱错了》 ("It's Mistake to Love You")

《爱错了》("It's a Mistake to Love You") is  sung by 张克凡 (Jonathan Chang). 张克凡 is one of those singers whom I liked for his good voice and singing. 张克凡 (Jonathan Chang)was the lead singer of the Taiwanese boyband “红孩儿” ("Red Hot Boys") in the 1990s. After joining another record company in 1995, he released his first solo album 《还记得我吗》("Do You Still Remember Me?"). 《爱错了》is a song from his third album《谁都不该让你心碎》("Nobody Should Ever Break Your Heart") which was also released in 1995. 

As the song name suggests, this song is about the heartache he felt upon realizing that the girl he loved did not love him. The music and lyrics were very well written.  I supposed for many people, there is a point in life whereby you faced unreciprocated love. That may be why this song was able to touch the hearts of many people.








怎么能让心不痛面对着你 依然故我


男人啊也会软弱 只是不说

which can be translated as:

Your tears flow down your face
You did not struggle nor rebut
Because I have guessed correctly what's on your mind and hit the nail on the head
Your unforgettable entanglements
By now it's very clear who loves whom more

I blame myself for being too optimistic
I thought that love can repair your wounded heart
But as I give you more and more
You seem to retreat, panic and at a loss
I realized that not all of your tears are for

But love that was given cannot be retrieved
What to do since I am already in love with you?
How to stop the heartache when looking at you and remain unchanged

At a loss whether to love or not to love

But how to weigh affairs of the heart
What to do since it was already a mistake?
Loving a person until forgetting myself

I have myself to blame for being trapped deeply
Men will also have times when they are weak, but they don't express it.

It is not easy to give up when you realize that a relationship is going nowhere. However, once you let go, you will find that you have many choices. Who knows? You may meet the right one very soon!

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