Thursday 11 July 2013

Quotes from episode 12 of 《志在四方》 ("The Dream Makers")

These are some lines that I liked from episode 12 of 《志在四方》("The Dream Makers").

Below were some lines that Zhou Weiyun (played by Zoe Tay) said to Fang Tonglin (played by Rui'en):

垃圾, 放在对的地方, 就是资源。
资源, 放在错的地方, 就是垃圾。

是宝是草, 我还分得很清楚。

which were translated as:

Trash put in the right place becomes a resource.
A misplaced resource becomes trash.

An incompetent boss will mistakenly take resources for trash
I don't think I'm an incompetent supervisor.
I can tell wheat apart from the chaff.

Below are some lines that Yu Fan said to Fang Tonglin:

什么都怕, 完全被怕控制住。

which were translated as :

We are our own biggest enemy.
All of us know that for a fact.
So, why are we our own enemy?
That's because we have fears within us.
We fear we're not good enough;
Mind how others look at us;
Fear losing what we have;
Fear disappointing others;
Fear responsibility;
Fear the past and the future;
Fear sickness, old age and death.
We fear everything.
We're controlled by our own fears.
So we remain our own enemy.

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