Tuesday 9 July 2013

《小薇》(Xiao Wei)

《小薇》(Xiao Wei)is a song sung by Huang Pinyuan 黄品源. Xiao Wei is the name of a girl that the singer liked in the song. This is such a lovely and catchy song. The MV is very funny too. I am glad that I managed to get the karaoke VCD for this song a few years ago. Below is the MV  that another YouTube user Vanara07 had uploaded.




小薇啊 你可知道我多爱你
摘下一颗 亲手送给你

which can be translated as:

There is a beautiful young girl
Her name is Xiao Wei
She has a pair of gentle eyes
Silently she stole my heart away

Xiao Wei ah do you know how much I love you
I want to bring you to the skies
To see the beautiful stars
I want to pluck a star and give it to you personally

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