Thursday 4 July 2013

《心肝宝贝》 ("Darling")

《心肝宝贝》 ("Darling") is such a lovely song and is the theme song of the chinese movie 《龙凤店》("Adventure of the King"). It is sung by 任贤齐 (Richie Ren) and 徐熙媛 (Barbie Hsu) who were also the lead actor and lead actress in the movie. The melody was soft and lyrics were very sweet.


天是那么大 人是那么多
你是那么真 你是那么好

不再一个人 心事有人听
和你数着星 海边迎着风
只要有你 我就安心

你是我的心肝宝贝 爱你爱到无路可退
这一辈子 都不后悔
陪你上山下海 陪你黑夜白天

你是我的心肝宝贝 爱你爱到掏心掏肺
我要为你干杯 我要为你喝醉

which translate as:

The world is so big.  There are so many people.
Yet I've met you.
You are so real.  You are so good.
I once thought I was dreaming.

We are no longer alone.  There is someone to confide in.
Spending the night together.
Counting the stars together.  Enjoying the sea breeze
As long as you are by my side, I will feel relieved.

You are my darling.  I loved you till there's no way to run.
I will never regret.
I will accompany you from the mountains to the seas.  I will keep you company day and night.
Be it joy or sorrow.

You are my darling.  I loved you till I bare my soul in front of you.
I hope you are also true to me.
I want to toast for you.  I want to get drunk for you.
Because you are my darling.

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