Friday 12 July 2013


The music and lyrices of  《浪花一朵朵》(waves) were the joint efforts of Richie Ren and Ah Niu. This song is very lively and I always feel very happy when I sing this song. Coupled with the MV that was filmed at a beach, it sets a very relaxing mood. The beach was very beautiful too.


我要你陪着我 看着那海龟水中游
慢慢的爬在沙滩上 数着浪花一朵朵
你不要害怕 你不会寂寞
我会一直陪在你的左右 让你乐悠悠

日子一天一天过 我们会慢慢长大
我知道有一天 你一定会爱上我
时光匆匆匆匆流走 也也也不回头
哎哟那那那个时候 我我我我也也

which can be translated as:

I want you to stay with me watching the turtles swim in the water 

Slowly crawling on the beach counting the waves
Do not be afraid you will not be lonely
I will always stay by your side so you will be happy 

Days pass and we will gradually grow up
I do not know whether you know what I'm singing
I know that one day you'll love me
Because I think I am really not bad

Time is running out, it won't turn back
A beautiful lady will become an old woman
Aiyo, by then I will also have
become an old man.
La la ... with us hand in hand
La la ... counting every waves

I like especially this part "我知道有一天 你一定会爱上我因为我觉得我真的很不错" ("I know that one day you'll love me because I think I am really not bad"). I think everyone should have that kind of confidence. 

The last part talks about becoming an old woman and old man, I think it is something very sweet and blissful to be able to hold the hands of your loved ones till old age.

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