Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Last Episode of "The Truth Seekers"

Last night was the last episode of "The Truth Seekers" .

There were quite a number of surprises that were slowly unraveled throughout the last few episodes.

As it turned out, neither Huang Deliang nor Bai Qingxiong was Huang Yuyang's biological father. Wang Kunxing was also not her father. So who was Yuyang's biological father? Drum roll...

It was Ye Rongtao (starring Guo Liang).

How did that happen in the first place?

Yuyang's maternal grandmother worked in a hotel owned by Rongtao's father. Rongtao fancied Xiulian in their younger days and he tried to date Xiulian but was rejected by her.

Huang Deliang, also an employee in the same hotel, promised to help him. He organized a party for all of them and got both Rongtao and Xiulian drunk. Rongtao ended up having a one night stand with Xiulian. Rongtao's father was subsequently blackmailed by Deliang constantly.

Anyway, Xiulian got pregnant and married Huang Deliang as she thought that the child was his. She only knew about the trap set up by Deliang and his friends when Yuyang was 12 years old. She tried to commit suicide but was saved by Wang Kunxing. From then on, Wang Kunxing helped her plan her revenge on Huang Deliang and his accomplice.

Wang Kunxing was resentful towards Xiulian and Qingxiong when Xiulian refused to accept his love after she met Qingxiong recently. He wanted to kill Xiulian and opened fire but Qingxiong shielded her from the bullet. The rest of the CCI members arrived to help Qingxiong and the police came in time to save them.

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Quote from Episode 13 of《真探》"The Truth Seekers"

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Quote from Episode 13 of《真探》"The Truth Seekers"

《真探》"The Truth Seekers" is currently airing on MediaCorp channel 8, Mondays to Fridays, at 9 pm.

Cold Case Investigators (CCI) was a private investigation agency set up by Bai Qingxiong (starring Chen Hanwei) with the main aim of cracking unsolved cases. Huang Yuyang (starring Rebecca Lim) and Hong Junyan (starring Desmond Tan) were CCI's team members. 

In the first few episodes, Lan Haifeng (starring Yusuke Fukuchi) engaged the services of CCI to find out who murdered his ex-girlfriend. Subsequently, he joined CCI as an investor and team member. 

It was interesting to watch how CCI used new technology to solve those cases. Even Sera enjoyed watching this TV drama serial.

I liked these lines from episode 13 of 《真探》"The Truth Seekers"

放不下 想不开 看不透 忘不了
因为我早已放下 想开 看透 忘了”

which was translated as:

"We are troubled only because we are unable to put what happened behind us and move on, but not me. 
I have long put it behind me and move on."

You could go to toggle website to watch the catch up of this TV drama serial.

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

《富贵平安》"Peace and Prosperity"

《富贵平安》"Peace and Prosperity"  is a 170 episode TV drama that is currently airing on MediaCorp Channel 8, Mondays to Fridays, at 7.30pm.

The story revolved around the people working in Prosperity Hall (富贵堂,a 50-year-old Chinese medical hall) and its immediate neighbourhood. Besides the big cast, there was always something to learn in each episode about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Some of the characters would mention that some foods would clash with other foods and, thus, would cause allergic reactions such as diarrhea, etc. They would also educate us, the audience, on the benefits of certain herbs. 

On top of that, the pace of the story was just right. The relationship between the characters and how they would develop was also interesting enough to keep watching.

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