Sunday, 21 June 2015

《法证先锋III》("Forensic Heroes III")

I was looking forward to watch 《法证先锋III》("Forensic Heroes III") ever since I knew MediaCorp's Channel U would be broadcasting it. This TV drama serial was the third instalment of the "Forensic Heroes" series but with totally different actors and actresses. 《法证先锋III》("Forensic Heroes III")  debuted on MediaCorp's Channel U on 16 Jun 2015, at 10 pm.

This new sequel did not disappoint me. It was very interesting and amazing to see how the police and its Forensic Science/Pathology Division made use of the knowledge of science and technology to solve crimes. In the first three episodes, the forensic division gathered the evidence and other small details to re-enact the crime scene. They even used reverse ballistic construction to deduce that the bride who was murdered in the restaurant was not the target of the murderer. The person whom the murderer wanted to kill was actually the bridegroom. From then on, they could focus on finding the person who hated the bridegroom so much that he would want to kill him (the bridegroom).

In the fourth and fifth episode, the forensic division deduced that the murderer of a rich businessman Guo Fuhua should be having some skin problems after the murder because the murderer came into contact with some organism when he killed Guo Fuhua. Coupled with other evidences and technology, they managed to find the killer and the mastermind.

Looking forward to further episodes.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Quotes from Episode 2 of 《长辈甜心》 ("Super Senior")

《长辈甜心》 "Super Senior" is a MediaCorp TV drama serial that started airing on Channel 8 on 18 Jun 2015, at 9 pm.

Below were some interesting lines said by Dong Guanghui 董光辉 (starring Henry Thia 程旭辉, best known as 辉哥)during his conversation with his son, Dong Haoyuan 董浩元 (starring Aloysius Pang 冯伟衷)

董光辉:  “你老爸虽然只是谈过一次恋爱,但是,我有恋爱的秘笈, 你要不要?我pass给你啊。” (Your dad may only have had one relationship but I know the secret to love. Want to know the secret? I'll pass it down to you. )

董浩元: “什么秘笈? ”(Let's hear it.

董光辉:  “其实很简单的。你制造一个意外惊喜,给她惊喜到死,然后就浪漫到死。再不然,就肉麻到死。总之,你要弄到她要生要死,她就会对你死心蹋地.” (It's really simple. Give her a surprise that will sweep her off her feet. Then romance her with something corny. Get her to become obsessed with you. Then she'll never leave you.)

These lines coming out from the mouth of 辉哥 were even more entertaining and made us laugh. :)

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

NDP 2015 Exhibition and Marina Square Shopping Mall

Singapore is celebrating its 50th year since independence this year. There are various activities for our community to take part to mark Singapore's Golden Jubilee. One of them is the NDP 2015 exhibition held at Marina Square Central Atrium, from 5 June to 14 June 2015. 

Last weekend, we brought our two kids to the NDP 2015 Exhibition. The Exhibition showcased the eight chapters of our NDP 2015. We were given a "Progress Card" upon entering the exhibition area.  It was not necessary to visit each booth in sequence. As long as we visited all the booths, we could get a goodie bag from the Majulah Singapura booth and take part in a lucky draw to win NDP tickets and other attractive prizes.

The designers of the NDP Totebag and the totebags

Sera posed in an SAF no. 1 Uniform

Photo taken with Captain Green

As we went during the weekends, there were some live performance in the evening.

After getting our souvenirs, we lingered around Marina Square Shopping Mall. We found this big retro TV and took some fun photographs.

Can you spot the little red dot inside the TV? This little red dot was something we bought at the NDP 2015 exhibition and was supposed to be put outside the car. The sales proceeds would go to 4 charity organizations. 

Was that a flying penguin on the right?