Sunday 21 June 2015

《法证先锋III》("Forensic Heroes III")

I was looking forward to watch 《法证先锋III》("Forensic Heroes III") ever since I knew MediaCorp's Channel U would be broadcasting it. This TV drama serial was the third instalment of the "Forensic Heroes" series but with totally different actors and actresses. 《法证先锋III》("Forensic Heroes III")  debuted on MediaCorp's Channel U on 16 Jun 2015, at 10 pm.

This new sequel did not disappoint me. It was very interesting and amazing to see how the police and its Forensic Science/Pathology Division made use of the knowledge of science and technology to solve crimes. In the first three episodes, the forensic division gathered the evidence and other small details to re-enact the crime scene. They even used reverse ballistic construction to deduce that the bride who was murdered in the restaurant was not the target of the murderer. The person whom the murderer wanted to kill was actually the bridegroom. From then on, they could focus on finding the person who hated the bridegroom so much that he would want to kill him (the bridegroom).

In the fourth and fifth episode, the forensic division deduced that the murderer of a rich businessman Guo Fuhua should be having some skin problems after the murder because the murderer came into contact with some organism when he killed Guo Fuhua. Coupled with other evidences and technology, they managed to find the killer and the mastermind.

Looking forward to further episodes.

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