Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fridge Organization

We bought a new refrigerator a few weeks ago. This new refrigerator was smaller than our previous refrigerator so it was a challenge to squeeze in the food, beverages and other items. 

We decided that we needed to do something to optimize the usage of the interior space. We didn't want to buy those stackable containers to use in the fridge because this would give us more work. We would have to remove food stuff from its original packaging and place them inside the container immediately after coming back from grocery shopping. We have to wash the containers before and after every use which takes more effort on our part. Furthermore, we preferred to leave the beverages, sauces and other items in their original packaging to prevent contamination and spoilage. 

For the lower part of the fridge, we thought we could get a drawer box, a rack or a metal partition/panel (to have another slot to put things) to fully utilize the vertical space. We did not find a suitable drawer for this purpose. Similarly, we could not find the right size for the metal partition/panel at Daiso. So, we settled for the small metal rack (green) sold at Daiso and bought another plastic basket. The basket worked somewhat like a drawer as we only needed to pull it out to take the item on the innermost corner of the basket. We no longer need to take out everything from that shelf just to get the item. This worked quite well, leaving the other half of the shelf space for tall bottles. We could also place some small items on the metal rack. 

On another shelf, I used another plastic basket that I already had to put packets of chrysanthemum, curry powder etc. as the packets were not stackable. This freed up at least half the space previously used. The extra space could be used to defrost meat and put other items.

Basket with packets of food stuff in it on the right

Another shelf with a tray

As mentioned in my post on Hitachi Refrigerator R-H350P4MS on Anne's Product Reviews Blog, it was a bit cumbersome to take ice cubes out from the freezer as we had to take the twist ice maker out before we could take the ice cubes from the transparent ice tray. To solve this problem, we bought another metal rack (white) with a shorter width from Daiso. So now, we could take out the ice cubes more easily.

You could see from the picture above that I had used another ice tray to put packets of frozen food. I used this instead of a plastic basket as I was concerned that the plastic might not be able to withstand the cold air in the freezer and might crack. So I thought using the ice tray was the safest way since it was meant to be put in a freezer in the first place.

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