Thursday, 30 July 2015

Episodes 1 to 10 of 《信约:我们的家园》 "The Journey: Our Homeland"

《信约:我们的家园》 "The Journey: Our Homeland" debuted on MediaCorp channel 8 on 16 Jul 2015, 9 pm. This is the finale of the trilogy “The Journey”. 

Hong Minghui (played by Jeanette Aw) passed away after giving birth to a son, named Zhang Junteng. Zhang Min (played by Felicia Chin) and Hong Dangyong (played by Andie Chen) helped to look after Junteng while Zhang Jia was grieving over the death of Minghui.

Meixue (played by Rui'en), Minghui's colleague and good friend, helped Zhang Jia to find a nanny for his son after Junteng developed rashes because he was allergic to formula milk. She also helped to take care of Junteng from time to time. 

Zhang Yan (played by Romeo Tan) had escaped from prison and came back to Singapore to seek revenge. However, he was upset to find that Minghui had already passed away and blamed Zhang Jia for not taking good care of Minghui.

In last night's episode (Episode 10), Hong Dangyong was killed by Zhang Yan. Zhang Min was devastated and attempted to kill Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan was crushed by metal racks and lamps and eventually died from electric shock in the warehouse. Hong Kuan already knew of his true parentage by then and asked Zhang Min if he could pay respect to his biological father. Zhang Min told him if he dared to do so, she would disown him. Hong Kuan still went ahead because he knew his biological father loved him too. Zhang Min was so angry and threw him out of the house.

Tonight, we shall see whether Hong Kuan really leaves Zhang Min and how he survives outside.

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