Tuesday, 18 February 2014

《潜行狙击》 ("Lives of Omission")

潜行狙击("Lives of Omission") is a 2011 Hong Kong television drama produced by TVB that is currently airing on MediaCorp Channel U at 10 pm, every Mondays to Fridays.

One of the main characters in the drama was "Laughing Sir" (played by Michael Tse 谢天华). This character was a spin off from the TVB's successful television crime drama 学警狙击 (Emergency Unit), another drama that I had enjoyed watching.

In 《潜行狙击("Lives of Omission"), "Laughing Sir" was an experienced undercover officer and had returned to the Hong Kong Police Force force working as station sergeant of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB).

It was very interesting and exciting to watch the police officers going undercover, how they went about busting those crime syndicates and catching the criminals. 

Last night, Tarzan (a drug dealer) and his triad members were caught by the police just when Lajiang (a leader and member of the Yee Fung triad, played by Ben Wong 黄智贤 ) was leaving Tarzan's territory after striking a deal with Tarzan. In the meantime, Michael (played by Bosco Wong 黄宗泽), Laughing's informant, burnt the warehouse of Tarzan which contained the drug Ketamine. I had thought it was Michael who called the police to get rid of Lajiang. We were in for a surprise. 

The next scene, Harry Kung (played by Damian Lau 刘松仁), the senior superintendent of CIB, came into the interrogation room. Lajiang told Harry Kung that he just happened to go there to relief himself. Harry claimed that Lajiang's acting skills were too lousy. Lajiang further said that he was sent by Harry to go undercover in the Yee Fung triad for many years and nobody had ever suspected him. That was quite unexpected. Interesting! 

We wondered how many more undercover officers were there in Yee Fung triad that were not made known to us yet? We shall see... 

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