Friday, 24 May 2013

Multi-Purpose Relaxation Cushion (Massage Cushion)

We went to "Japan Home" yesterday to get some cleaning brushes and were pleasantly surprised to find that they were having a special offer on the Multi-Purpose Relaxation Cushion (Massage Cushion).  They were on sale at $8.00.  So we bought one for ourselves.

This cushion can be used to massage on neck, back, thighs etc. It requires only 2 AA batteries to operate, so we can use it anywhere without the need of a power point.

Upon return to our home last night, I immediately tried the massage cushion on my legs (my legs were tired after one day of walking).  After that, I also tried on my back.  Not too bad. It did help to relieve some tense muscles.

The massage cushion only has one speed.  The massage is a mild vibration so even my daughter, Sera can use it.  Sera tried it on her legs and said she liked it.  Of course this cannot compare with those more expensive massager but it's ok for us.  For those people who liked greater vibration or more functions, then this may not worked for you.   

We are happy with the purchase at this price.

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