Tuesday 14 May 2013

《仁医》 (Dr Jin)

This Korean drama 《仁医》 aired on MediaCorp's Channel U every Monday to Friday, at 10 pm.  Last night was the last episode. It was about a doctor named 秦赫 (Qin He) who accidentally fell off the hospital's building. When he woke up, he realized that he had travelled 150 years back in time to the Joseon Dynasty (1860s).

There, he met a girl named Yonglai who looked like his sister, Meina who also happened to be his fiancee.

Initially, we  (Lynn and I) found the show a bit boring and can be gruesome to watch when they perform surgery on patients.  However, as we continued to watch, the drama got more interesting and exciting.

We didn't know which side Jingzhuo was on.  On the one hand, he seemed to be helping the Regent while, on the other hand, he was helping his father, who was the Left Premier.  It was only on the second last episode that we finally knew that he was indeed helping his father.  Whatever he did to help the Regent, they were done upon the instructions of his father so as to trap or trick the Regent into making a wrong move. 

We also did not know why Qin He travelled 150 years back in time to Joseon Dynasty. Chunhong, who is the most famous prostitute in that time and a fortune teller, told him that because he had saved  those who should not be saved (especially by saving the Left Premier's life), history was changed. He made penicillin many years before it was discovered.  Riots happened before the dates that he learnt in history and were more severe.

The events were all jumbled up.  However, those people who were supposed to die still died eventually. For example, a prostitute whom he managed to save by giving her penicillin, died later by committing suicide.  A poor lady whom he saved after she was kicked by a horse later died while saving her son during a fire.  The war that happened between the Joseon Dynasty and France ultimately still happened despite the efforts made by Yonglai and Qin He to prevent it from happening.  (It was due to the persecution of Catholics in the Joseon Dynasty that led to France declaring war on the Joseon Dynasty)

We also did not fully understand the parallel universe concept.  It seemed that Meina was the reincarnation of Yonglai in the modern era and they were supposed to share the same fate.  If Meina died in the modern era (she met with an accident before Qin He travelled to the past), Yonglai would also die and vice versa.

On the last episode, Qin He managed to save Yonglai's life.  When he returned to the future, he also managed to save Meina's life.  I supposed it's a good ending.

Note:   秦 is probably pronounced as Jin in Korean, hence the title "Dr Jin"

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