Saturday 18 May 2013

"想着你的感觉" (How I Feel Thinking of You)


这首 "想着你的感觉"  的词曲创作人是 梁文福。

这首歌原本的歌名是 "从你回眸那天开始"。巫启贤不是这首歌的原唱者但确实是他把这首歌给唱红了,让更多人注意到这首歌。


Usually when a song became popular,most people would take notice of the singer but few people would remember the song composer.

This song is titled "想着你的感觉" which translate as "How I Feel Thinking of You".  Both music and lyrics were written by Liang Wenfu (梁文福).

The song was originally titled "从你回眸那天开始" which roughly translate as "Starting From the Day You Look Back".  Eric Moo was not the first to sing this song but he sure was the person to sing it to fame.

I really must admire Liang Wen Fu again for writing such good description for that kind of feeling.  Really poetic.


每一次我走近 总是那么悄悄地 

不敢使你讶异 让你发觉自己是幻影

每一次我唤你 总是那么细细地 

不让寂寞听到 嘲笑我用温柔的声音

每一次我离去 总是那么轻轻地 

不敢将你惊醒 让你发觉醒在我梦里

每一次我等你 总是那么静静地

不让光阴知道 安慰我用无言的嘘息

一个一个想你的日子 砌成一栋孤单的房子

我在上楼下楼 开门关门 翻着抽屉 寻着你名字

一个一个想你的日子 从你回眸而去那天开始

我的日记写成诗 诗的背后寻到你的名字

想着你的感觉 有如雨的缠绵


想着你的感觉 有如风的缱绻

吹乱我的日夜 吹也吹不走你的容颜

一个一个想你的日子 从你回眸而去那天开始

我的日记写成诗 诗的背后寻到你的名字

想着你的感觉有如雨的缠绵 淋湿我的岁月而我却依然不知不觉

想着你的感觉有如风的缱绻 吹乱我的日夜 吹也吹不走你的容颜

想着你的感觉有如雨的缠绵 淋湿我的岁月而我却依然不知不觉

想着你的感觉有如风的缱绻 吹乱我的日夜吹也吹不走你的容颜

This roughly translate as:

Every time I walked towards you, it was always done very softly,
so that you will not be surprised and discovered that you were an unreal image.

Every time I called you, it was always done very softly, so that loneliness would not hear it, mocking me for using such a gentle tone.

Every time I left, it was always done very gently, so that you would not be awaken and realized that you woke in my dreams

Every time I waited for you, it was always done very quietly, so that time will not know, using silent sighing to console me

Every day of missing you, had stacked into a house of loneliness

I walked up and down the stairs, opened and closed the doors, searching for your names in the drawers.

Every day of missing you, from the day you looked back.

My diary was written into peoms and I found your name behind the poems.

Thinking of you was like the lingering rain, unknowingly drenching my years

Thinking of you was like the loving wind, messing up my days and nights, but your face is still imprinted in my mind.

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