Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Remico Double Grill Frying Pan - Part 2

I had previously written a post on the Remico Double Grill Frying Pan on our Ace Swan Blog. I had used the pan several other times to cook other dishes but I did not take any pictures then.

Yesterday, I used the Remico Double Grill Frying Pan to fry some fish. As Remico Double Grill Frying Pan had non-stick surfaces, I did not need to put a lot of oil. I was glad the fish turned out just the way I wanted it - crispy on the outside. See the picture below.

I also used it to cook my vegetables instead of the wok that I normally used.  I didn't want the hassle of having to wash the wok as well. I was glad I was able to put all the vegetables in the pan to cook.

I also noticed that by using this Remico Double Grill Frying Pan, my kitchen wasn't as oily as when using a wok for cooking/frying. It should be due to the fact that less oil was used and covering the food during the cooking/frying process.

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