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《情话》("Different Types of Love")

《情话 》("Different Types of Love") was one of the songs used in the Drama Serial 《最后一个大侠》("The Last Swordman"), which was shown on channel 8 in 1991. This song was sung by Beyond. The music was composed by 李伟菘 (Paul Lee Wei Shiong) and 李偲菘 (Lee Shih Shiong). Lyrics were written by 姜宁.

To sidetrack a bit, 《最后一个大侠》("The Last Swordman") was one of those drama serials that I had enjoyed watching in those days. The leading actor and actress were 周初明 (Chew Chor Meng) and (郑惠玉) (Zoe Tay) respectively - two of my favourite artistes. If I remembered correctly,《最后一个大侠》("The Last Swordman") was the first period drama that 周初明 (Chew Chor Meng) and (郑惠玉) (Zoe Tay)《最后一个大侠》("The Last Swordman") had acted in. Both of them looked so cute in the drama. Chew Chor Meng's character grew up in the jungle and when he first appeared in the show, he looked like an orangutan.

《情话》("Different Types of Love") had another version in which the lyrics were different but I preferred the version used for this show. The lyrics were so cute, talking about different types of love (with so many 情). 


人间有 兄弟之情 手足之情
朋友之情 患难真情
父母之情 冷暖亲情
男女之情 款款深情

有人多情 有人无情

有人风情 有人豪情
自作多情 欺骗感情
一见钟情 反目无情

哦哦哦 欢情 苦情 情情情

激情 伪情 情情情

问世间 情为何物

问世间 情归何处
我不知情 我不知情

问世间 情为何物

问世间 情归何处

Which can be translated as:

In this world, there is love between brothers, siblings's love,
love between friends, true friends in adversity,
parents' love,  family love,
love between a man and woman, true deep love.

Some people are affectionate, some are heartless,

some people are romantic, some are lofty,
unrequited love, deceive other's feelings,
love at first sight,  love turned into hatred.

Wo wo wo, happy love, tragic love, love, love, love.

Passionate love, pseudo-love,  love, love, love

What is love?

Where will my love be?
I don't know, I don't know

What is love?

Where will my love be?
I only know that we have to be true to people.

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