Monday 30 September 2013

《没有人可以像你》("There's No One Who Can be Like You")

刘德华 Andy Lau was the singer of this song《没有人可以像你》("There's No One Who Can be Like You"). This song probably was not any of the title songs that he promoted. Nevertheless, it was one of my favourite songs.

The music of《没有人可以像你("There's No One Who Can be Like You") was composed by 邱福兴 and lyrics were written by 林秋离 (Eric Lin). I liked to sing this song and in particular, the chorus.



走到那里 都有人很像你
只是可惜 越看就越有距离
我开始怀疑 少了什么东西
是你的灵魂 还是我太想你

梦一开始 隐约是在冬季
他们故意 从不和我谈到你
我觉得忧郁 用心灵感应你
而你的身影 被吹散北风里

你的人 忽远忽近忽没 
忽明忽暗忽走 忽然牵住我的手
我的心 悲又累
没有人可以像你 在我的感觉里

像你的发 像你的眼

Which can be translated as:

Wherever I went, there's always someone who looked like you.
But the more I looked at them, the more the differences.
I began to suspect something was missing
Was it your soul, or was it because I missed you too much?

The dream first began roughly in winter.

They always avoided talking about you.
I felt gloomy, I used my heart to feel you.
However your image was blown away by the north wind.

At times you appeared far, at times near and at times you disappeared.

At times bright, at times dim and at times you walked away.
At times you hold on to my hands.
I felt happy, yet sad and tired.
Painful, yet numb and cold.
I was emotional.
There's no one who can be like you, in my world.
So whenever I closed my eyes, I could only see you.

Only you could make me worried, my worries are your collection.
I have seen millions of people, whose hair looked like yours, whose eyes looked like yours but the face is not like yours.

I always wonder what 林秋离 had in mind when he wrote the lyrics. Did the girl in the song simply break off with the guy or has passed away? 

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