Saturday 28 September 2013

《骤变》("Sudden") - Final Episode

Jiemin (played by Sora Ma) and Wentai (played by Ian Fang, Qiliang's cousin) managed to track the location of Dalun's car. Subsequently, they informed the police. Shenghua was shot by one of the policemen but managed to get into the warehouse where Yixin had held Weiqian and Dalun captive. He talked to Yixin before he breathed his last.

Yixin then started a fire in the warehouse. She wanted to perish with Weiqian. She said that since she can't have the happiness that she wanted, she would not let Weiqian have it too. Dalun managed to free himself from the rope that tied him. He went into the room but could not distinguish Weiqian from Yixin. One of them told him to save the other person when he asked who is Weiqian. Then he saved the girl who answered him, thinking that she should be Weiqian because Weiqian always thought of other people first. The other girl could not be saved in time. At that point, I was still doubtful whether the girl saved was Weiqian. 

One year later, Dalun and Weiqian were at a restaurant. Dalun said that, because of Weiqian, he had changed completely and became a good man. Weiqian then said that he was a kind person to start with. For a moment, I thought she might really be Weiqian as Weiqian had said the same thing to Dalun before. Then, I thought it could also be that Huang Yixin had heard about this from Weiqian or Dalun before and tried to talk like Weiqian. Subsequently, when Weiqian adjusted the collar of Dalun's suit, her action reminded him of Huang Yixin. Dalun got a shock, but acted nonchalant and continued to take a photo with her and others. So, did the script writer decide that Huang Yixin deserved to have a second chance in life?

Qiliang managed to find Chuning at Tasmania one year after she left.  She seemed to have forgotten Qiliang. Qiliang then re-introduced himself to her. He then told her miracles do exist and, to prove it, he stood up from his wheelchair!

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