Sunday, 8 September 2013


《骤变》("Sudden") is a MediaCorp drama which started airing on Channel 8, on 2 September 2013, every Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

Each episode began with the days when Fang Qiliang (played by Romeo Tan) and Cheng Chuning (played by Rui'en) first got to know each either in Tasmania. Then the next scene was fast forward to the present. 

The presentation of this drama serial is somewhat different from the usual. There were some flashes of scenes that created a certain mystery making us wonder what was in store.  

In  Episode 4 to 5, Chuning and her colleagues attended a service one year after the final hearing of the murder case of Zhong Zhenglie. Joda (played by Darren Lim) was a founder/leader of a mission group which consisted of many rich and influential members. He Jianming - co-founder of the mission group - accused Joda of deceiving the followers by using donation funds for his personal gain. He Jianming even filed a case against him. This scene looked familiar...

So far it had been quite interesting to watch the 《骤变》("Sudden"). 

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