Friday, 27 September 2013

《骤变》("Sudden") - The Mystery Man

I first suspected Lin Shenghua (played by Yuan Shuai) to be the mystery man who killed Huang Yixin's father (played by Li Wenhai) when Fang Qiliang was attacked in his home and Flabber (Qiliang and Chuning's pet dog) died in its effort to protect Qiliang. 

On that night, Shenghua was alone with Qiliang and Flabber at home. Shenghua was the person who got the SD card from the taxi driver which might have contain the photo of the face of the mystery man who got Lin Baofa out of the back lane after he was unconscious. Lin Baofa was the driver whom everyone thought was the one who caused the accident that killed Huang Yixin's father and resulted in Qiliang losing the use of his legs. When Shenghua wanted to pass the card to Qiliang, he said he saw someone out of the corner of his eyes and he went out to chase after that person. That left Qiliang and Flabber alone in the house. Qiliang was attacked and lost the SD card. Flabber died in its attempt to protect Qiliang.

I suspected Lin Shenghua because he and Qiliang were the only ones (besides the taxi driver) who knew about the SD card. The mystery man could not possibly know about it. Moreover, it did not make sense for him to leave Qiliang alone with Flabber and chase after the mystery man, knowing that Qiliang would be in danger. What I could not figure out then was why Lin Shenghua would want to kill Huang Yixin's father since her father was going to testify for her and be her alibi; Lin Shenghua seemed to be on Huang Yixin's side, helping Qiliang and Chuning to overturn Zhong Zhenglie's murder case. The mystery man also seemed to be helping Huang Yixin (played by Rebecca Lim) to get her acquitted of manslaughter in episodes 17 and 18. 

Finally, in last night's episode 19, the truth was revealed. Huang Yixin's father saw her leaving the office premises after the murder, not before. Lin Shenghua and Huang Yixin were worried that her father might tell the truth in court, resulting in an unfavourable testimony for her. So, Lin Shenghua drove the van and killed Huang Yixin's father. In doing so, he also caused Qiliang to lose the use of his legs.

Just when I was wondering why the truth was revealed on the second last episode (normally this would have happened on the last episode), there was another turn of events. Just as Huang Yixin was about to stab Chuning, Dalun (played by Zhang Zhenhuan) appeared with a bouquet of flowers for Weiqian (Huang Yixin's twin sister). He immediately realized that person was Huang Yixin instead of Weiqian when Chuning said to him "help me". Chuning fainted after that. Dalun asked to see Weiqian.

Huang Yixin brought Dalun to a place and he was knocked out by Lin Shenghua. Huang Yixin had another plan in mind now. She wanted to get rid of Weiqian and Dalun so that she could assume the identity of Weiqian. Will she succeed? How will the events turn out? We shall see on the final episode tonight, 27 Sep 2013, on channel 8, at 9 pm. 

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