Saturday, 26 October 2013

Final Episode of 《小小传奇》("Gonna Make It")

Oscar was accused of putting "Black and White" company's benefits at risk by the shareholders and was relieved of his duties as CEO. Wenya was chosen as the new CEO. 

As soon as she became the CEO of "Black and White", she thwarted the expansion plans of Black and White in Beijing in order to spite Oscar. Mei Na (played by Lin Meijiao), together with 2 more shareholders decided to get Oscar back as CEO of Black and White. She said Wenya was not suitable to be the CEO of Black and White because the things Wenya did was not in the benefits of the company. Oscar, on the other hand, did not do anything to harm the company. Oscar then resumed his post as the CEO of Black and White.

After Xiao Xiao got her right hand injured as a result of trying to save Wenya, she had to go for physiotherapy to regain the use of her right hand. During one of the physiotherapy session, she met Ning Jing, a celebrity and had a little chat with her. Xiao Xiao then commented that Ning Jing's new hairstyle made her look much older. Ning Jing was offended and made an excuse to go.

Some time later, Ning Jing appeared for a charity show and received very good response on her new image styling. She revealed that Xiao Xiao was her new hair stylist. From then on, Xiao Xiao received good publicity and finally made it!

Wenya flew to Florence, Italy alone. She met a hairstylist and intend to open a hair salon there.

Xiao Xiao's father came to her every month for a haircut. His wife did not say anything about divorcing him anymore so long as Xiao Xiao did not call him "Daddy".  

Feilong was employed by Oscar to work at Black and White to do sales/promotions. He said some of Feilong's ideas actually can work. Feilong's two friends worked at Star salon. One was good at washing hair and the other was good at making latte for customers.

So, as long as one is willing to change and learn, with determination, passion and the right opportunity, one can make it!

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