Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Episode 17 of 《小小传奇》("Gonna Make It")

小小传奇》("Gonna Make It") is a MediaCorp drama that had started airing on Channel 8, on 30 September 2013, every Monday to Friday at 9 pm. Last night was episode 17, which was the 4th last episode.

Below were what Xiao Xiao (played by 陈欣淇 Julie Tan) said to Liu A'man (played by 王禄江 Bryan Wong) in episode 17 which were quite touching.


which was translated as :

"... but I've never forgotten how you groomed me back then. When the world world turned its back on me, you gave me a chance. You didn't give up on me. So I'm not giving up on you either"

There were also many other touching moments in this episode.

Xiao Xiao also went to persuade Bao'er (a celebrity played by 郑秀珍 Jacelyn Tay) to continue using A'man as her hairstylist for the upcoming Star Awards. 

A'man also told Xiao Xiao many things that sounded very pessimistic yet realistic.

A'man had a wife named Monica (played by 许美珍 Cynthia Koh). However, Monica had long left him for another man (who was serving a jail term). However, A'man did not divorce her. I believed A'man till loved Monica and regretted neglecting her when he first started his career/business.

On his deathbed, A'man still hoped to see Monica. Xiao Xiao rushed to get Monica and got into a fight with Monica because Monica refused to go with her. They ended up in the police station and Oscar (Xiao Xiao's boyfriend, played by 徐彬 Xu Bin) had to bail Xiao Xiao out. Xiao Xiao and Oscar then went to the hospital just in time to see A'man for the last time.

At the end of this episode, this song 《落幕的心情》was played. This was also the theme song of 《舞榭歌台》, a TV drama produced by SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation, now called MediaCorp) in 1988. This drama and song used to be popular too. 

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