Saturday 19 October 2013

Dining Chair from Giant Hypermart

Yesterday, we went to Giant Hypermart and saw that there were some furniture on offer. As we needed some chairs, we tried on some of chairs. In the end, we settled on the black dining chair with cushions below and behind. It was quite comfortable, and looked easy to fix. It was also quite light weight and was selling at $12.98. The cushion was probably made of faux leather. We bought two of these chairs.

After we bought the chairs, we fixed them with the screws and tool given. Ardon had difficulty tightening one of the screws for the first chair that we did. It seemed that the holes were not done as well as Ikea's furniture for DIY purposes. Nevertheless, it could still hold the parts in place. We were then surprised to find that there were no holes on the bottom of the chair cushion (not the metal support). Then we realized that we need to drill the 4 small screws from the bottom of the chair's metal support where there were holes to the bottom of the chair cushion to fix it. 

Screw drilled in from metal support to bottom of chair cushion

After Ardon drilled the 4 small screws into the holes, the chair was done and ready to use. This was how the chair looked.

The weird thing was, this chair seemed uneven and slightly shaky when no one was sitting on it. Once I sat on it, I could not feel that the chair was uneven. It did not shake like when it was empty. We had better luck for the second chair that we fixed. At least no problem with tightening of the screws.

Apart from the minor grouses and mishaps while fixing the chairs, I would think it was still a good buy at $12.98. It is not easy to find a chair with cushion at such an attractive price.

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