Saturday, 2 November 2013

Metro Expo Sale from 1 Nov - 3 Nov 2013

Metro is currently having its Metro Expo sale at the Singapore Expo from 1 Nov to 3 Nov 2013, at hall 4. 

With only about one hour to shop around yesterday, naturally shopping for clothes was out for us (have to spend time queuing for a fitting room and change). The next thing to look out for were bargains for shoes and other items.

When we were at the right corner (looking in from outside) of hall 4, we saw some ribbons meant for Christmas tree decorations. Metro was selling them at 5 for $15. I didn't want to get five rolls of ribbons, then I realized that we could mix many different items to make up the numbers. After looking around, I finally decided on these 5 items.


Bells for Christmas tree decorations

Accessory holder

Accessory holder

The accessory holders shown in the pictures above were available in 3 colours, two of which I had bought. The other colour was black and light grey. These could hold hook earrings and bracelets on top as well as small stud earrings and rings below. 

The accessory holder above was in the shape of a lady's body. This could hold necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, hair ties and hook earrings.

I think this was a good deal. Normally, such accessory holders would cost about $10 each. 

Other items that were sold at 5 for $15 were piggy banks of various shapes, party masks, party hats and other Christmas tree decorations.  

The pictures below shows the accessory holders with accessories on them.

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