Thursday, 14 November 2013

Our Christmas Tree

I have always liked Christmas trees since young. I still remember that my first Christmas tree was a gift from my cousin and was white in colour. Although it was just a small tree, it really made my day.

After Ardon and I got married, we bought a Christmas tree shortly after Lynn was born. The Christmas tree was bought at Cold Storage and it was 6 feet tall. It cost $69.90. The leaves looked sparse when there were few ornaments on it. Through the years, we bought more Christmas tree ornaments and it looked much better with more ornaments on it.  

Subsequently, as we had more and more toys and books, we realized that it was too big for our flat. The leaves also kept falling off and the branches had started to look more brownish. It was time to change to a new Christmas tree.

So, last year, we bought a new Christmas tree from Giant Hypermart. It cost about $20. As this tree was shorter and slimmer that the previous Christmas tree, we had more than enough ornaments to go round the tree.

Last weekend, I set up the Christmas tree and the children had so much fun decorating the Christmas tree. Sera hung the ornaments at the bottom of the tree as she is younger and shorter. Lynn was responsible for hanging the ornaments on the higher part of the tree. This was how our current Christmas tree looked. 

Did you notice that the star at the top of the tree changes colour every few seconds? We bought it from Perth, Australia a few years ago. Glad it is still working. :)

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