Thursday 1 August 2013

《志在四方》 - To vote for Our Preferred Ending

Mediacorp is doing this again for 《志在四方》("The Dream Makers"). Viewers can vote for who Jason Lam (played by Qi Yuwu) should choose to be with - Fang Tongling (played by Rui'en) or Zhao Fei'er (played by Jeanette Aw) and the ending would be shown on the last episode on 3 Aug 2013. I wonder is it because they want to give a popular ending so that there are less complaints, or .... 

Lynn asked me who I think Jason should be with. Hmm. It is a hard choice. Fang Tonglin and Jason Lam have many things in common, both have the same ideals. Fang Tonglin is very nice and had always liked him. It seemed that Jason Lam had already accepted Fang Tongling's love and enjoyed her company too. I am just not sure how much Jason Lam loved Fang Tongling.

On the other hand, Zhao Fei'er is portrayed as very pitiful now that her grandpa had passed away, Gao Jian had left her and she was conned by that despicable Lawrence. On top of that, Jason had been with her for so many years. She gave him up once but that was when she was emotionally very weak. Jason was not there to help her when she needed him most whereas Gao Jian changed his schedule so that he could go and help her. The story was written such that it was not entirely Fei'er's or Jason's fault. So, does Fei'er deserve to have a second chance since she already realized her mistakes? Zhao Fei'er still loved Jason Lam.

Initially the votes were 30 over percent for Zhao Fei'er with majority votes for Fang Tongling. As of 31 Jul 2013, votes for Zhao Fei'er were catching up at 40 over per cent. 

When《志在四方》first started airing on channel 8, I told Lynn that the characters played by Jeannette Aw and Qi Yuwu always did not end up together in many other drama serials such as 《九层糕》("Beautiful Connection"),《最高点》 ("The Peak") and 《小娘惹》("The Little Nonya"). True enough, they broke off halfway through the show. The only drama serial that the characters played by Jeannette Aw and Qi Yuwu ended up together was 《任我遨游》 ("The Champion"). That was also the only drama serial mentioned above that allowed viewers to vote for their preferred ending. 

I wonder who will get the majority votes - Fang Tongling or Zhao Fei'er ? We shall see on 2 Aug 2013, 9.00 pm.

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