Monday 5 August 2013

Alternate Ending of 《志在四方》 ("The Dream Makers") on Toggle - Jason's Choice

I finally had the chance to watch the alternate ending of 《志在四方》 ("The Dream Makers") on Toggle
There are two other alternate ending besides the one shown on Channel 8 on 2 Aug 2013.

First Alternate Ending - Jason Chooses Neither

For this version, I noticed that there was a part whereby Fang Tongling was being interviewed by some reporters after getting the Best Actress Award 2013 (one year after Jason left Singapore).  This part was not telecast on TV.

The show ends at the point whereby Jason won the Best Director for Documentary  - Culture in Asia. He then sent sms to both Tongling and Fei'er informing them that he had renewed his contract with the overseas company and would stay there for another year. This part was shown on Channel 8 on 2 Aug 2013 before the viewers' choice of ending was shown (at a slightly later time).  

Second Alternate Ending - Jason Chooses Fei'er

2 years after Jason left Singapore, both Tongling and Fei'er were still good friends. They went to the airport to fetch Jason. Both of them hugged Jason. 

For this version, Jason and Tonglin walked away and chatted happily instead, leaving Fei'er behind. This left Fei'er thinking that Tongling was Jason's choice and walked away quietly. Then Jason turned around and could not find Fei'er. Tongling then urged him to look for Fei'er. Jason found her just outside the airport and they embraced each other. 

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