Friday, 2 August 2013

Dolphin Door Curtain

I was quite happy when I saw that Metro was selling door curtains at their fair on the ground floor of Compass Point. Ardon and I had always wanted to get a door curtain but did not know where to get one that is nice and at affordable price. (We didn't actually search for it since it wasn't critical that we must have one.)

Initially, we (Ardon, Lynn and me) only saw those designs on display and nearly wanted to buy the door curtain with some fishes and Japanese words in it. However, while searching through their unopened door curtains on the shelves, we realized that there were many other designs that were not on display.

The salesgirl was very patient with us and showed us a few more door curtains with other designs. They also varied in terms of length and materials. Eventually we bought the door curtain with the dolphins in it. 

Sera was also happy to see this new door curtain in the house. We had always liked pictures or items that had dolphins in them. They just make us feel good. Click here to see the symbolism of dolphins. We really loved how this door curtain looked when hung on the wall. :)

On a side note, I asked the salesgirl how come I had never seen these door curtains inside Metro store. She told me their company participated in this fair but they are not under Metro. That was why I had never seen this in Metro store itself. The door curtains were from EJ Home deco and that they have a web site. However, I was not able to find their web site. 

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