Sunday, 25 August 2013

My First DIY Ring Box

I was contemplating buying a box specifically to keep rings so that it was easier to see or find them. However, I have many empty boxes lying around so I thought maybe I could make use of these boxes to make a ring box. I had thought of using a fleece blanket to make the bumps in the ring boxes but wasn't sure how to make the finishing touch. So I went to search on Youtube.

The first video I came across used a fleece blanket and a nice silky cloth over it as a finishing touch. Then I went on to watch more videos to get more ideas on what materials to use. I wanted to use materials I already had at home and not spend extra money. I am also not good in art and craft, so I used the easiest possible method. 

Protections Sheet

I used the protection sheet that I had previously bought from Daiso and cut it into smaller pieces to fit the width of the box that I wanted to use. Then I folded them into the shape below. For this project, I made a fold at every 1.5 inches.

After folding nine of these, I put them into a box. I had to make sure the protection sheet rolls were just enough to fit the box so that they could hold the rings well.

Then I cut a piece of cloth the same width as the box but left it longer on top and bottom. Then I used an old credit card to press in the folds. See the picture below for the end product.

I was glad that the ring box was able to hold the rings in place. The rings did not fall off even when I turned the box upside down. 

For this project, I used the protection sheet to make the bumps in the box as I had some at home which I had no use for. A fleece blanket or magazine paper can also be used in place of this.

Below is a video with instructions on how to make this ring box.

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