Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My First DIY Earrings and Necklace Holder/Display

The picture below was a jewellery/accessories organizer that I had previously bought from  Mustafa Centre. Mustafa Centre always has items not found in heartland stores. This organizer was good because I could hang it on the inside of my wardrobe's door without taking up extra storage space. However, after some time, the plastic cover of one of the slots started to tear. I  also realized that it was not that easy to see all the stuff in the pockets at a glance as I had more than one item slotted in most of the pockets. So it was not easy to choose or decide on what to wear and I ended up not using the costume jewellery and accessories at all especially when rushed for time. I also used those small plastic boxes with partitions to store my earrings and put in the drawer. So out of sight always means out of mind (at least for these).
Jewellery/Accessories Organizer 

After I made my first ring box, I was also looking for ways to display or keep my jewellery in such a way that I would be able to see everything at a glance and, at the same time, keep them in good condition. 

There was one very easy method to display necklaces that I found on YouTube which used a curtain rod to hang the necklaces and bracelets. I had a spare adjustable curtain rod but I did not have a suitable place to place it. Bearing in mind that Singapore has high humidity, it would not be a good idea to place the costume jewellery in an open area. I also prefer to keep these jewellery in an enclosed area like my wardrobe, drawers or boxes lest they oxidize or get dirty. Another easy method was just to put hooks on an unused mirror, a wall or door to hang necklaces and bracelets. However, this would mean I had to buy extra hooks. 

Another method that caught my attention was using a scarf to poke in all the earrings and then placing the scarf on a hanger. Necklaces were then hung on the rhinestones that were glued on the hanger's slanting sides. I didn't want to sacrifice any of my hangers to do this since I am not that good at art and craft as mentioned in the previous post.

After considering all the factors and methods, this was what I decided to use.

The above was something that we had bought previously and had set it up so that the kids could display their soft toys. However, as time passed, the connectors (the white round things in the picture above) dropped off. It was not easy to fix back once it dropped so we dismantled a few of the partitions recently. So I thought instead of just throwing them away, I might as well use one of them for this project. 

I used the square frame and cut away the orange cloth (not sure what type of cloth this was called). Then I slotted the square frame into an unused white legging/tights that I had bought for Lynn a long time ago and tied the "leg part" of the tights at the bottom. 

I tied a string to the top part of the frame so that I could hang it on the inside of my wardrobe's door. If I do not want to hang this in future, I can also place it on a book stand so that it can stand on its own and can be displayed on a table top.

I had some extra curtain hooks, so I just slide them onto the top of the frame to hang my necklaces. I can also just open the clasps of the necklaces to hang them directly on the middle part of the metal frame. Paper clips or even bobby pins could probably be used as hooks but I prefer non-metallic hooks in case they rust. The earrings could be poked through the legging easily. 

Now I can see everything at one glance. I do not have many bracelets, so I did not make a bracelet stand. I just placed them in my small storage box.

I hope this earrings and necklace holder/stand works well.

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