Friday 12 December 2014

Thoughts After Gold Coast Trip

This was our  first time taking Scoot aeroplane. It was also the first time that there was someone who needed medical assistance on board the same plane as us. 

For the last few times when we went for our overseas trips, we always booked a hotel room or at least a motel room. We had never made use of any of the hotel facilities and tour services. We only interacted with the reception staff at the time of checking in and checking out. 

This was the first time we booked an apartment. However, this was also the first time we depended so much on the reception staff to book tours, cabs and obtain other information. This was also the first time we used their outdoor pool. 

When we came back to Singapore, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the lights at the corridors of our HDB block had been changed to white LED lights. Similarly for the other blocks in our neighbourhood. When we went to NEX shopping mall, we also noticed that all the chairs and tables of the food court on the 4th level had been changed. The chairs now were more comfortable to sit on. Some of the stalls had also changed their signboards. A few days ago, I also noticed that the store display of Metro Compass Point had been changed to include a new brand of apparel just as we entered the second floor of the Metro store.

We also found out that Seletar Mall had opened on 28 Nov 2014 while we were still in Gold Coast. We had been looking forward to visiting the Seletar Mall. We visited the mall two days ago but didn't really have much time to shop around. So we would probably be going there soon to browse around in the other stores.

Just one week away and there were so many changes already. Singapore really changed very fast, ha! ha! ha!

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