Monday 8 December 2014

Day Four in Gold Coast

On 28 Nov 2014, we approached the reception staff at Swell Resort to book the Aquaduck tour for us on the same day. It happened that they had some problem with their printing system so the Aquaduck tour allowed us to book through our resort  first and pay them at the Aquaduck tour desk in Surfers' Paradise. We booked the 3 pm tour so we had to be there by 2.30 pm to make payment.

Aquaduck tour desk

Onboard the Aquaduck vehicle

All the children riding on the Aquaduck were given the opportunity to take the helm of the Aquaduck for a while, under the supervision of the captain, of course. Both Lynn and Sera received the Official Aquaduck License Certificate from the captain and posed for a picture with him.

Souvenirs were also available for purchase. They were so cute, so naturally both Lynn and Sera wanted one for themselves.

After the tour, we spent some time shopping and eating in Surfers' Paradise.

On our way back to our resort, the cab driver asked us about our departure time and date. He was quite concerned and nearly wanted to pick us up. However, he told us Saturday nights were usually busy nights and he would knock off at 5 am on Sunday. So he advised us to make an advanced booking for a cab on the night before our departure, i.e. Saturday night. 

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