Monday, 22 December 2014

Drink Bottle Blender

When we were in Gold Coast, we watched their home shopping TV channels while in our apartment at Swell Resort at night. We noticed that they have quite a number of such TV channels and that there were a few brands of blender on sale on these channels. After watching the infomercials, we got a desire to buy a blender for the sole purpose of producing fruit juice. 

While we were shopping at the malls in the Gold Coast, we saw blenders of different brands and sizes. Then we found the drink bottle blender at K-mart at the Pacific Fair shopping mall. They were selling this blender at AUD 15. We thought it was a reasonable price and we decided to buy it. We just needed an adaptor when using this in Singapore.

A few days after we came back to Singapore, we tested it out by blending some honey dew. It was working fine and the honey dew slices were all blended into juice very fast. I think it took less than a minute. 

The good thing about using this drink bottle blender was that after blending the juice, we just needed to replace the blade with the cap of the bottle and keep it in the refrigerator for later consumption. Since the blender is only used for a single purpose, we don't need to worry about not cleaning it well and running the risk of food poisoning. 

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