Tuesday, 30 December 2014

《信约:动荡的年代》"The Journey : Tumultuous Times"

The Journey: Tumultuous Times ( 信约:动荡的年代) had started airing on Channel 8, on 24 Nov 2014, every Monday to Friday at 9 pm. We had missed the first 5 episodes of this drama as we were in Gold Coast that week. It took us a while to catch up on all the episodes.

To add on to my previous post on Cast of 《信约:动荡的年代》"The Journey : Tumultuous Times", Shaun Chen played the role of Zhang Jia, the son of Zhang Tianying and Zhang Huiniang. He was subsequently adopted by Hu Weiren (starring Chen Hanwei) and changed his name to Hu Jia.

This drama was great for teaching about Singapore history. It was certainly more interesting and exciting to watch on TV than by just reading about it on books which could be too dry at times. It would be a great start to get kids and even adults to get interested or recall their knowledge about the history of Singapore. The process and efforts put in by our pioneers for Singapore to gain independence were more vivid when the scenes were re-enacted on TV.

In the drama, Zhang Yan (starring Romeo Tan) was protrayed as a villian who was out to get rid of his political opponent- Hong Dangyong (starring Andie Chen) - from the leftists. Hong Dangyong was his childhood friend. Dangyong's girlfriend, Zhang Min (starring Felicia Chin) supported Dangyong and this caused much resentment and jealousy Zhang Yan had for Dangyong. Hu Jia was also always helping Dangyong to get away when Zhang Yan's subordinates were trying to arrest him. It seemed that Dangyong was a very self sacrificing person and was willing to die for a worthy cause; fighting for equality and independence. However, in effect, Dangyong's political party had created much social unrest by instigating workers to go on strike and students to protest. One such example was getting bus drivers to go on strike. This caused other workers to be late for work or not able to report for work at all. This would have a lot of repercussions on society and economy.

Since this TV drama was a historical drama, history could not be changed. So, ultimately, the two parties that Hong Dangyong and Zhang Yan belonged to were destined to fail.

What I am curious about is what will happen to the five main characters - Zhang Yan, Zhang Jia, Hong Dangyong, Hong Minghui and Zhang Min. With four more episodes to go, This is what I am guessing:

1. Zhang Jia will go back to the Zhang family to take over the business since he is the only man not in any political party. Being in the triad involved with many businesses,he had hands-on experience in handling difficult situations. He is also very smart.

2. Zhang Min gets pregnant with Zhang Yan's child (she was duped into getting intimate with him in order to save Dangyong) and Dangyong will marry her even though the child is not his. (After typing this, I checked the sypnosis on Toggle and I think I'm right on this)

3. Zhang Yan either become crazy or die.

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