Sunday, 2 June 2013

《动不动就说爱我”》("You Always Say You Love Me")

《动不动就说爱我》 一直是我很喜欢的一首歌。这首歌是1988首次发行的,且由芝麻龙眼这个女子二人组合所唱的。芝麻的本名是陈艾玲,龙眼则是林育如。芝麻属高音,龙眼低音, 两个合唱的可说是天衣无缝。很可惜龙眼在1989的一次车祸意外中丧命。享年只有25岁。

《动不动就说爱我》 的旋律优美,歌词也挺好的。 之后也有好几位歌手拿来重唱。

"Alway Say You Love Me" is a song that I've always liked.  This song was first released in 1988, and was sung by "Zhi Ma Long Yan" (a female singing group which consists of 2 girls, named Chen Ailing and Lin Yuru). Zhi Ma has a high singing voice while Long Yan is the one with the low singing voice.  They harmonise very well.  It was a pity that Long Yan died in a car accident in 1989, at the age of 25.

"Alway Say You Love Me" has very good melody and lyrics. Subsequently, there are also other singers who sang this song.




离别后也没有什么 会让我更难过的理由
只不过很想 让泪水痛快一次的泛流

每个人都错 错在自己太成熟轻易让爱上心头[让爱上心头]




This roughly translates as:

After you left, there are no more reason for me to be upset.
it's just that I want to let my tears stream down .

We are wrong, wrong to think that we are mature enough to fall in love.

You always say you love me, 

Who has measured how long to love before you can make a lifelong commitment.
Does it matter whether I try to keep you?
Once the dust settles down, just let my tears wash away my wounds.

Is it true that all of us will have times when we are touched that we tend to forget ourselves?

Our hearts become fragile and need passionate tenderness

We are wrong, wrong to fall in love without reservation.

Always say you love me, 

but you have never asked me what I wanted, you gave me an empty promise
does it matter whether I try to keep you,
you want to leave anyway, 
I just hope you will not step on my wounds.

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